Back to winning ways! Enough of this TMZ crap

In seems like a decades ago since things were "normal" surrounding the Denver Broncos organization. In the 80s and the 90s the Broncos were clearly one of the world's best sports organizations with great players, fantastic fans, a great stadium, and finally two Superbowl Championships. However, since John Elway's retirement things have been slowly spinning out of control and more like a TMZ episode than the world class football we've come to expect from the Denver Broncos. Here is some of the drama we have had to endure.

Brandon Marshall, so talented but a mess of a man. Punting balls in practice, domestic issues, and although an All-pro caliber receiver a huge distraction to the Broncos organization and the coaching staff

The tragic events surrounding Darrent Williams, wrong place, wrong time, and mostly hanging around with the wrong folks, see previous player mentioned above.

The surprise firing of Mike Shanahan. After years of focusing on nothing but offense and no playoff wins since Elway's departure, Pat Bowlen had to do make a difficult decision and fire fan favorite Shanny.

Josh McDaniels hired, kid takes over Broncos organization. Other coaches don't like him, players don't respect him, and finally spygate II. Enough said. Josh, you're fired!

Jay Cutler is complete weirdo, folks that knew him, know how strange he was. Never engaging, poor with the fans, and a big cry baby on the field. Talented but goofy. Not a good fit.

The tragic loss of Kenny McKinley. Debt, depression, and a gun sold to him by a Broncos teammate. Sad days in Denver indeed.

Kyle Orton, another QB that lacked leadership, horrible with the press, terrible with the fans, and not a clutch player. Another poor choice for the Broncos organization.

Perrish Cox, although eventually acquitted , several other Broncos mentioned during the hearing, a huge distraction, and more bad headlines for the Broncos organization.

Matt Prater, not sure how this one ended up but your franchise kicker gets busted with a stipper, busted for DUI, crashing into another vehicle, and leaves the scene and found in another nearby hotel. Sweet!

DJ Williams, multiple DUIs, accepted money and other benefits in college, and recently fighting suspension for much of the 2012 season for taking an illegal substance. Great work from our former defensive captain.

Knowshon Moreno, DUI and driving with the license plates "Sauced". How stupid can you get? Also a HUGE bust for a number one pick.

And finally, and not necessarily because he wanted it but the Tim Tebow saga in Denver. The constant fighting among Broncos fans, the unrelenting Tebow fan base, the national circus, the ongoing debate on whether he is or isn't a professional quarterback, and the ongoing chants and heckling from the crowds at Dove Valley and during the games.

Am i the only one fan wanting to move on from all this drama? I think John Elway and Pat Bowlen are ready to move on.

I am hoping the Denver Broncos signing of Peyton Manning finally gets the Broncos organization back to normal. Hiring John Elway as the VP of operations was a terrific first step for Pat Bowlen. It is time to start playing championship calaber football again in Denver and leave the TMZ drama to the Oakland Raiders and the New York Jets. I am so encourage to see a polished and proven NFL quarterback come to Denver. I am also happy to see the signing of some experienced free agents this off season. I am encourage about the possibilities of Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas catching passes from number 18. Also excited about the two new TEs we just signed and the chance to see Von Miller, Nate Irving, Quinton Carter, Rahim Moore, and the young offensive line continue to grow under the mentorship of Champ Bailey, Peyton Manning, hopefully Brian Dawkins, and new defensive coach Jack Del-Rio.

Right before our eyes the foundation is being set and if we can get our players to focus on football, stay out of the clubs, and learn from the veterans we have a legitimate chance at getting back to the Super Bowl again. And mostly, i just want things to go back to normal. Back to being a world class organization with world class players, being supported by world class fans. Are you with me?

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