Another Broncos Mock

Here is my mock, tell me what you all think.

First I will start with I didn’t address the RT because I think Franklin may progress in pass protect and if he doesn’t we have Ryan Harris. I do think DT is our biggest hole, so I address that twice and hopefully we will not have to address it much in the future. I also did not address cornerback which I think is an area of need even though we got Tracy Porter, but he can help to push that need down the chart so that we do not need to address it this year. I also thought we need some targets for Manning, and a running back to take some of the load off Willis. Some of you may not like how early I addressed QB but Elway wants to get his guy for the future and develop him so I think they will target the position earlier than most think. I have not addressed all needs with this draft but I think this be an ideal draft in my eyes. I also tried to incorporate some of the people that EFX has been rumored to like.

Round 1: Fletcher Cox (DT) or best DT available, position of need enough said

Round 2: Brock Osweiler (QB) he is a bit of a reach here but will not last till our pick in the 3rd and the FO likes him for his size, arm strength and mobility. Could be a franchise QB with a few years on the bench, plus if Elway likes him he must see something in him

Round 3: Greg Childs (WR) or Micheal Brewster (C) depending on who is available, Childs is a big guy and a good target for Manning, Micheal Brewster is an insurance policy for the biggest question mark for me on the O line, manning may make Walton better but still is a question mark

Round 4: (Jets) Terrence Ganaway (RB) I think he is a guy imbetween Willis and Knowshon can be a brusing back but can come out of the back field and catch I think EFX likes this guy and want him

Round 4: (Broncos) Derek Wolf (DT) a big DT and can help solidify the D line for a long time

Round 5: Vonteze Burfict (LB) I really debated with this pick but I think we need more competition at ILB cause I am unsure with Mays and Irving, he was a borderline 1st round pick earlier but still really unsure on this on

Round 6: Dale Moss (WR) a guy who is 6’3” and was timed by some scouts at 4.38 40 yard dash, can really blow the top off the coverage and be a deep treat for manning, I am not sure how good he is with routes but you could probably develop his route running abilities in a year or two

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