Broncoman Mock Draft - Post Tebow Trade

While I am unsure what the deal is with our 5th rounder, I saw we had a conditional to Cleveland as part of the Quinn trade, but since Quinn didn't start or even throw a pass, I am not sure if we have to surrender it or not. Anways, some things I am sure of, Elway and Xanders will not draft a 1st round RB. We will pick the best player available that fits our needs, that EFX will want at least 3 starters out of this draft, we will value big school propsects, and we aren't going to make big risks in Rounds 1 throuh 3, with that lets go a mocking.

1st Round - Cordy Glenn - OT/G - Georgia - Massive man with very good movement, Glenn can become starter at RT, freeing Franklin to move to LG, assuming Kuper comes back healthy and making Beedles a backup. Instantly improves both the pass blocking and run blocking. Makes our O-line one of the youngest, biggest, and most talented in the NFL. Also protects the 96 million dollar investment.

2nd Round - Brandon Thompson - DT - Clemson - Thompson is the best pass rushing DT propsect in the draft (IMO), I am not sure why he isn't getting more love, he doesn't have the great measurables, but look at the film and he has the quick twitch penetrating DT that we need to bring pressure off Doom and Von.

3rd Round - Robert Turbin - RB - Utah State - While I like Lamichael James, I think he is likely gone at this point. Turbin is a big body back who has great pass catching ability, I think he fits nicely with what the Broncos will try to do next year on offense.

4th Round - Omar Bolden - CB - Arizona State - Bolden may get picked soomer, I am hoping he drops to here, he has 1st round talent but is coming off a knee injury. He should be recovered fully and should push for a starter role soon.

4th Round - Vontaze Burfict - MLB - Arizona State - Burfict is a frustrating prospect, he has first round talent, with 7th round brain. However, he is the most violent and instictive MLB in the draft, he struggles big time in coverage and likely would need alot of good coaching to be an every down starter, however, the Broncos need some nastiness on defense and Burfict at this point is a good risk/reward pick.

5th Round - Asa Jackson - CB - Cal Poly - A small school prospect, Jackson is very raw and didn't face elite compitition, he obviously would be a developmental propsect. But having good CB is never a bad thing. Jackson would likely be a ST for a copuple of years before challenging for a starting role.

6th Round - DeVier Posey - WR - Ohio State - Posey got caught up in the Ohio State infractions and didn't have a big year due to the suspension, QB change, and coaching change. Posey is a very good deep threat and should push for a 3rd or 4th WR slot.

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