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Okay, seriously, let's get this started my fellow Bronco Fanatics.

A couple of notes:

*With the significant waves of free agency having passed, there is no longer a need to mock free agency. Therefore, I am letting the reader know that this draft is based on my hope that we re-sign Marcus Thomas and Jason Hunter.

*As a fresh reminder, here is who/what we have acquired/retained

QB: Peyton Manning, Caleb Hanie

WR: Andre Caldwell, Jason Hill

TE: Jacob Tamme, Joel Dreessen

G: Manny Ramirez, C.J. Davis

WLB: Wesley Woodyard

MLB: Joe Mays

FS: Mike Adams

CB: Tracy Porter

Quite a haul, huh? I must say, I'm very pleased with what has gone on so far in Dove Valley. While multiple needs have been filled, there are still some holes and depth issues that need to be addressed, and plans for the future that must be set. So without further ado, here is my mock draft.

1st round: Zach Brown (WLB), North Carolina, 6'1" 244 LBS


Speed kills in football. It is especially lethal on defense. This man has the lethal weapon. With rumors flying around that DJ's last game was played against New England in January, this pick becomes a must. In the end, it will probably be determined by the outcome of his appeal, but nevertheless, we need to find a replacement for him. If a debate on whether or not Woody is a starter is even necessary, an upgrade is needed. Brown actually improved on his Combine time of 4.5 to 4.47 at his Pro Day, which the Denver Broncos were present for. However, speed is only one outstanding facet of his game. Check out the rest here.

2nd round: Chris Givens (WR), Wake Forest, 5'11" 198 LBS


This pick is inspired by Rodney A's magnificent post which I tend to agree with. The gist of it is the Broncos will try to shift their focus to creating an elite offense and a good defense. As you will see later, this draft is offense heavy, but I do not ignore the defensive side. You must first read Rodney's post before you can understand my picks, and the order of which I selected the players. Givens can be an elite talent, IMO. I have looked at countless scouting reports, but the one thing that stands out every time is that Chris is called an immediate starter in almost all of them. He is extremely polished, has great hands, blazing speed, and good route running ability. With this pick, we essentially become the Colts' offense, in which all players who catch the ball from Manning are fantasy-starter worthy!

3rd round: Isaiah Pead (RB), Cincy, 5'11" 200 LBS


A common belief around MHR is that, with the recent signing of Peyton Manning, we will now look for a shiftier back who can do it all, most importantly catch the ball. Pead is expected to, and can catch the ball. In addition, many scouts expect him to be an every down back, which is just icing on the cake since McGahee is getting long in the tooth. Did I mention Mr. Pead stood out in the Senior Bowl mainly for his returning game?

4th round (via NYJ): Nick Foles (QB), Arizona, 6'5" 243 LBS


When I said future plans needed to be made, this is what I meant. What a prospect Foles is. His tremendous size and arm strength, mixed with sound mechanics and good accuracy in the short-intermediate routes makes him a strong candidate to be our developing prospect under PFM. Lack of athletic ability is a concern, however.

4th round: Ben Jones (OC), Georgia, 6'2" 302 LBs

Jones is known as a very savvy player who is a sound blocker in both the pass and run. He lacks athletic ability, but his football intelligence allows him to manipulate defenders into playing to his strengths. This pick is not really a statement to Walton, but it should be a wake up call to push the incumbent starter to his full potential. Should he falter, we have a promising rookie to take over. I hope it doesn't come to that though, because Walton was drafted into a passing offense, which we are now reverting back to.

5th round (via St. Louis): Akiem Hicks (DT), Regina, 6'5" 318 LBs

DT does not appear to be a position of great need any longer, if we follow the plan Rodney A outlined, so this developmental pick is perfect. Hicks is a prospect with a ton of upside. In fact, his upside almost outweighs his actual weight. He is athletic and shows a strong burst and agility off the snap. He has decent strength to defeat blockers, but is more reliable to make an athletic move and quickly get into the backfield. He has potential to be a disruptive force in the middle in future years, complementing the rest of our front 7 perfectly.

6th round (via NYJ): Asa Jackson (CB), Cal Poly, 5'10" 191 LBs

With the Tracy Porter signing, waiting until the 6th round for a high upside corner prospect looks like a move we can afford to make now. He has strong footwork and understands how to cover in man. The level he has been displaying his skills could hurt him, but there is little denying his speed and athletic ability give him a great shot to compete at the next level.

Final 53

QB: Manning, Hanie, Foles

RB: McGahee, Pead, Moreno, Fannin

FB: Sylvester? An UDFA? Virgil Green? TBD

WR: DT, Givens, Decker, Caldwell, Hill

TE: Tamme, Dreessen, Thomas, Ingram

LT: Clady, Harris

LG: Beadles, Ramirez

OC: Walton, Jones

RG: Kuper, Davis

RT: Franklin, Clark

DE: Dumervil, Hunter

DT: Thomas, Hicks

DT: Vickerson, Warren

DE: Ayers, Beal

WLB: Brown, Woodyard

MLB: Irving, Mays

SLB: Miller, Mohamed

FS: Adams, Moore

SS: Carter, Bruton

CB: Champ, Porter, Harris, Goody, Jackson

K: Prater

P: Colquitt

LS: Paxton

KR/PR: Pead

Boy, would you look at that LB corps. I'd be ecstatic to have the MIB! MEN IN BLUE! Miller, Irving, Brown! Tell me your thoughts on that, and the rest of the draft in the comments.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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