Cecil Lammy's Mock Draft

I really like this draft and couldn't think of a better analysis, so all credit goes to Cecil. You can find the original link here. I thought this was a good Fan Post because it deserves some discussion. I'm not a huge fan of Worthy, I've seen him in several games and he seems lazy on many plays. So I'd rather have Devon Still, or even a reach of Alameda Ta'amu. I'm a Denver transplant to seattle, and though Alameda doesn't get to the QB often he has a non-stop motor and really eats blockers. Other than that, the rest of Cecil's mock I think is exactly how I'd imagine.

Round One, pick 25 overall – This is the spot where I anticipate the Broncos will select a premiere Defensive Tackle. It’s a top heavy draft class at the DT position, but the talent will dry up quick as I expect five or six DTs to be selected in the first-round.

Broncos pick: Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State – strong run stuffer who will hold the point of attack with quick feet to work in one- or two-gap responsibilities. He has quick, violent hands and uses them to shed blockers and get upfield. High football intelligence, will even point out tips on offensive plays from the interior line.

Round Two, pick 57 overall – Now that DT has been filled it’s time for some help on the offensive side of the ball.

Broncos pick: Doug Martin, RB, Boise State – one of the best overall RBs in the draft. Martin reminds many in the scouting community of Ravens RB Ray Rice. He’ll take over for Willis McGahee eventually. Strong inside runner, low center of gravity, elite balance, good hands as a receiver out of the backfield, and can also help as a return man.

Round Three, pick 87 overall – Back to the defensive side of the ball, and this time it’s a young Cornerback to sit behind Porter and Champ Bailey.

Broncos pick: Josh Norman, CB, Coastal Carolina – a big, physical CB who likes to take chances. His aggression will get a fine edge under the guidance of Bailey. Norman has the size to press WRs and the click and close ability to react when WRs make their break on a route.

Round Four, pick 108 overall (from NY Jets for QB Tim Tebow) – Wouldn’t it be ironic to select the QB of the future with the pick they received in return for Tebow?

Broncos pick: B.J. Coleman, QB, Tennessee-Chattanooga (Tennessee transfer) – Coleman studied Peyton Manning extensively when he was first in college with the Volunteers. He’s big, strong, and has a rocket arm. Put on the tape and you’ll see Coleman moves and play fakes like a Manning clone.

Round Four, pick 120 overall – This team needs more depth on the Offensive Line, specifically at the Center position. J.D. Walton has started every game of his pro career (including preseason) yet still struggles with recognizing zero gap blitzes and sometimes got thrown around by opponents last year.

Broncos pick: Mike Brewster, C, Ohio State – he has tremendous initial quickness and gets into pass protection quickly. Brewster has a very aggressive mentality and can get upfield and take out the Mike Linebacker at the second level if asked to.

Round Five, pick 137 overall (from St. Louis for WR Brandon Lloyd) – Another pick to the offensive side of the ball here. Manning needs some more weapons on offense, and the Broncos oblige here.

Broncos pick: A.J. Jenkins, WR, Illinois – much needed speed added to the WR corps here. Jenkins is a good route runner who knows how to get separation in his breaks and come back to the football. His fast timed speed translates to the field as well. His pad speed allows him to run by unsuspecting CBs, and he also is creative after the catch.

Round Six, pick 188 overall (from NY Jets for QB Tim Tebow) – With their final pick in the draft the Broncos go with defense. They’re looking for upside here, and decide to take a player who some thought would end up being a first-round pick at the beginning of the 2011 college football season.

Broncos pick: Vontaze Burfict, ILB, Arizona State – his draft stock has fallen more than any other player over the last few months. This is a good spot to take him in a low risk, potentially high reward scenario. He’s a very emotional player who plays out of contral sometimes. New defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio once coached Ray Lewis and could get the more out of Burfict than most.

***Denver doesn’t have their original fifth-round pick because of the Brady Quinn trade.

***Denver doesn’t have their original sixth-round pick because of the Joe Mays trade.

***Denver doesn’t have their original seventh-round pick because of the Tim Tebow trade.

***Denver received zero compensatory picks from the NFL this year.

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