Something Different! The Ultimate Franchise!

So, I visit this website everyday, and I love the information and opinion provided here. Thank you MHR! My favorite thing is the mock drafts, and all the rumors. My lease favorite thing is all the emotional things, like love letters to Tebow, and hate letters to Elway. I been thinking what kind of post can still be done, to either provide information, or to get some opinion about players we have. I thought of an idea, that would be fun and stay in the spirit of the off-season.

As a big Madden fan, I love building Franchises, and thought it would be neat to see how people would start a Franchise with players currently on the team. What players would you draft to have on the team for the next 7 years or so? What older veteran would you keep to play for a couple years until your Franchise can draft another to fill those shoes? If you had a draft worth of picks, and the ability to keep 3 veteran players from the current pool of active Denver Broncos. How would you do it? I will give you my take after "The Jump".

The 3 Veteran Players I would Keep:

QB, Peyton Manning: Unfortunately the Broncos don't have a young stallion who they can draft to build a Franchise around (Tebow anyone). So I will use my first veteran player on Manning, everyone needs a QB, and these guy is a future HOF.

CB, Champ Bailey: Champ is one of the best all time at this position, and still a top 3 in the game (IMO). Another sure HOF, will be my 2nd veteran.

RB, Willis McGahee: As much as I would love to pick Dawkins here, he isn't an active Denver Broncos. So I will pick Mcgahee, out of the current Denver Broncos, he is the only RB I would want on my Franchise, until I could draft another.

Now that I picked the 3 Vets I would keep on my team for a few more years. I will draft my players that I want to build a Franchise with.

Denver Bronco Fantasy Draft:

Pick 1: LT, Ryan Clady: One of the most important positions on a team is LT, especially when you have a fragile Vet. Clady, is coming of a down, year but still made the Pro Bowl, and is one of the best in the game. I would have my coaches, continue to work with him. Hopefully he gets less holding calls with a Pocket QB, rather a Scrambler.

Pick 2: OLB, Von Miller: Miller proved last year, he is already one of the best pass rushers in the game. He also got better in coverage, and filling holes as the year went on. He was DROY, and if it wasn't for a thumb injury would have set the Rookie sack record. I would love to have this guy be the anchor of my Defense for many years to come


Pick 3: DE, Elvis Dumervil: Since coming into the league Doom, as been a sack master. He is also very versatile and can play both OLB in 3-4 or a 4-3 DE. He is coming of some recent injuries however at the end of last year he got to the QB in 9 straight games (or so). With Miller and Doom, my Franchise front 7 is on its way to being one of the best.



Pick 4: WR: Demaryius Thomas: This kid has upside to be one of the best, and showed it a times the pass was on target. He had a few drops, some weren't the prettiest passes but as an NFL Receiver is expected to catch them.. With Peyton on my Franchise for a few years. Thomas will get plenty of chances to show his worth.

Pick 5: OG: Orlando Franklin: Honestly, Franklin could be one of the better Guards in the league. I think he is definitely one of the better run blocking guards in the league. I know he plays OT currently but would pick him as my OG. This was tough choice between him and Kuper, however going with the more younger, who is not coming of an injury.

This is starting to get hard, as I notice the Broncos don't have many young guys I would build a franchise around. A lot of decent to good vets.

Pick 6: S: Quinton Carter: I don't yet have a S on my team and need to work on my secondary. As much as I loved the Rahim Moore pick last year. I really think Carter has the potential to a great safety in the league. He is versatile and can play both SS, and FS. He really came on strong at the end of the year.

Really starting to wish the Broncos Drafted a young DT already.

Pick 7: RB: Knowshon Moreno. I drafted a bust, lol. Ok seriously I'd Rather have Nate Irving, or LB Wesley Woodyard: Woodyard is a young versitle LB. I think he can play any of the LB spots. He also is a ST beast. He filled in excellent for DJ last year. Maybe i'm the only one that sees his potential, but I thought he would have been a starter for a few years now. Well on my Franchise he is.

I think I had a solid draft to start my franchise. I covered almost every area. If I could pick up UFAs I would go after Chris Harris, Nate Irving, Eric Decker, Matt Prater, Jacob Tamme and Tracy Porter. However doing this excerise it was not only fun but helped me realize where we really are weak. Example I didn't draft a MLB, QB, CB, RB, or a DT. Hopefully after this years draft that isn't a problem.

Which current Broncos would you pick to start a franchise with?

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