First Mock Draft Post FA

First off let me start by saying I know my title is a little misleading, its just post the major FA period, we do have moves left to make, I think we will resign Marcus Thomas, Jason Hunter and Mario Haggan. Overall Im very happy with how the offseason has been thus far. I am sad to see Tebow go, but sometimes a better opportunity arises and that was what happened in Denver. I like the secondary signings, Mike Adams can be a day 1 starter at FS if Rahim is still struggling, and while Porter does have injury problems he still is a solid number 2 and im excited to watch him play. I love the TE signings as well, Joel Dressen can thrive with Manning and is a good blocker while Tamme will be a solid FB/HB/TE threat for us. Overall, its an exicting time to be a Bronco fan ladies and gentleman.

To me, the biggest areas of weakness on the team are MLB, RB, DT, OG/C, and WR. I list MLB but I am a supporter and believer in Nate Irving, I know this guy has almost caused a division between Broncos fans but I think he will prove many of you wrong. OL is definitely a weakness as well, possibly greater than DT IMO (which is popular), Beadles is below average for starters and JD had an awful year, completely regressing from his rookie season; do not forget about Kuper, he may not be 100% in August. DT and RB are self explanatory, we need help, and i think we lack a speedster at WR, a slot guy who can get open quickly...anyways, take a jump on to the mock draft.

P.S.- I absolutely can see us trading down to acquire more mid round picks and draft BPA DT RB around 30, or even then trade back up in say round 3, but i wont have any trades in this mock.

Round 1 pick 25: Doug Martin RB BSU Doug-martin_medium


My take: What is an enormous need for the Broncos, RB. And what position is John Fox known for drafting in the first round. Well yes linebackers but also definitely RBs. Martin is a 3 down back which Fox loves, and him Mcgahee and even Moreno could make a great 3 headed monster. Martin is a bowilng ball, hes compact at 5'8 223 and showed off impressive speed at the combine. He has had 47 touchdowns in the past 3 years 1200 rushing yards each of the past 2 and is a good receiver. He has a great work ethic and is a great teammate as well and while I would love to take Fletcher Cox here he wont be there. I like Still but his injury history scares me and Reyes isnt a top 25 player, I like him in the second but believe he will fall before we pick.

Round 2 pick 57: Jerel Worthy DT MSU



My take: I love Worthys potential. He was not as relentless this past year as I would like him to show, kind of seemed to disappear a bit at times but and got up field plenty of times recording 40 tackles 8.0 TFL and 4 sacks. He is great at getting up field which the Broncos desperately need and I think he will only grow. I love his 6'3 frame and at 310 he has good bulk.

Round 3 pick 87: Will Blackwell C/G LSU



My take: Blackwell is a bit of an under the radar guy he was not invited to the combine yet was a first team all SEC player and had a good senior bowl. I like his size at 6'4 314 and has the ability to play guard or center, has played both at LSU for substantial time. We have a huge need here too people, our RG likely wont be 100% by training camp and will need time to get back into football shape and ready to be as effective as he was before. Our center completely regressed for an OK rookie year to a terrible second year. I think he can rebound but still he needs competition and so does our LG Beadles.

Round 4 pick 108: Ryan Broyles WR/PR OU



My take: Ryan Broyles was arguably the most productive college WR before his injury. I love his attitude, intelligence and of course his play making ability. He is 5'10 190 and great for our need at a strong slot receiver (Caldwell is ok but Broyles can be better). The injury is scaring off teams because he can not work out but his numbers speak for themselves. In 2010 he had 131 catches for 1,622 yards and 14 scores. The year before 89 catches for 1,120 yards and 15 tds. And then roughly 2/3 through last season at 83 catches 1,157 yard and 10 tds, he tore his ACL. But honestly, i just hope he is still here at this pick.

Round 4 pick 120: Jamie Blatnick DE OK ST



My take: Blatnick had a good year last year collecting 50 tackles, 13.5 TFL and 8 sacks. He was a timely pass rusher and made big plays and has solid athleticism. Hes listed at 6'3 263 and could add a little to his frame. I believe he has room to develop as a pass rusher but really holds up his own at run defending, he is a better run defender.

Round 5 pick 137: Nick Jean-Baptiste DT/NT Baylor



My take: Jean-Baptiste is an forceful player, he stands at an enormous 6'2 335 and has shown an ability to get up field as well as defend the run. He had 8.5 TFL and 4 sacks. He dominated the East West Shrine game as well but was not at the combine.

Round 6 pick 188: Isaiah Frey CB Nevada



My take: I really like Frey for a few reasons, he has good size at 6'0 190 and could be a potential number 2 down the road. Frey was a 3 year starter, had 5 picks and 16 PBUs last year yet was not invited to the combine. The Broncos have had some success with late round and undrafted corners Chris Harris, Cassius Vaughn and Sydquan Thompson. Vaughn and Thompson will likely never be more than a nickle, but still were both 7 round picks and will most likely both will make the roster.

Well there it is, I know some of you are so built up on drafting DTs early and often and while Im with you I also pity you. I see some the posts on this site and it almost makes me nervous some of you may hurt yourself if we dont go the positions you want to address in the draft this year. To be honest, I just cant wait to add some quality talent to this team regardless of positions. We have a lot of positions we could address and Im ok and will support whatever EFX does barring something idiotic. They have a plan and Im going to trust it. Also, about not drafting a QB, I really like Jarrett Lee out of LSU as a FA pick up but I really dont like any of the 4-6th round prospects unless Kirk Cousins is sitting there. Otherwise, Id wait till next draft to really think about getting a future franchise QB. Thanks guys, give me your feedback.

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