What it's like to be a "Spygate" suspect

Per request from a couple commenters on another fanpost I am going to share with you all a couple stories I have from my time of being an assistant supervisor for the road construction job on Broncos Pkwy. Three years ago, I was assigned to assist on the Broncos Pkwy job which is the one and only road that takes you to Dove Valley. The job was a total reconstruct which means instead of just scraping a few inches off the existing road and doing an overlay, we had to dig all 13 inches of the existing road out, place a new road base (fly ash) and then do two different lifts of paving, a 7 inch lift and a final 6 inch lift.

For those of you who have been to Dove Valley, you know how long of a stretch that road is and it's not a nice straight road either thus making the project harder and more time consuming. My job was to assist the crew who was removing the road, as well as get employees and fans in and out safely (there were no accidents yay!) as well as build ramps every single day into the parking lot because as the job carried out there was essentially a foot drop from the parking lot to what was left of the road so I would have to operate a Skitzter (bobcat machine like a mini loader) and make those ramps.

My job also consisted of notifying the surrounding companies and facilities of constant updates on the job progress (there weren't many companies besides Dove Valley) This leads to my first story. On my first round of handing out flyers and explaing the job progress my truck was parked half a mile up the road and I needed to use the restroom extremely bad. I was standing outside of the Dove Valley compex and decided to go inside and ask ifI could use one of their restrooms. I walked in and there was a giant desk with a very nice old lady working as the receptionist. I explained my situation and asked if I could use a restroom.

She said "Well I am not supposed to let anyone without propper credentials, but I will let it slide." She directed me through the doors behind her and the bathroom was to the left but there were about 10 different doors and rooms. One room read "Running Backs Room", and then "Quarter Backs Room" and "Defensive Backs Room" etc. covering every position. No one was in the halls and all the doors were closed so I went in and took care of my business. As I walked out the Running Backs door opened and out walked brand new rookie Knowshaun Moreno. He walked past me, smiled and said "hey man hows it going?" I was caught off guard and being only 18 at the time was a bit starstruck. I responded with an awkward "he..he..hello I am good how are you?" He responded with "Good my man. Enjoy your day and thanks for doing all the work out on our new road!" (I was wearing my green construction vest so he knew what I was doing).

Not much of a story but it was really cool seeing inside the complex and seeing where all the players meet, study and learn with their respected positions. And while Moreno has not panned out like most would hope, he is a very, very nice guy.

Now on to the meat and potatoes of my story. One day, later on in the summer when the Broncos were out practicing two a days I was doing my daily routine at work. They have open practies to the public and they also have closed practices that no one outside of the Broncos organization can watch, not even the media. Also, at this time, the big story in the NFL was the spygate scandal that Bill Bilichick was suspect of.

Anywyas, on this particular day my pickup was parked in the Dove Valley employee parking lot that sits at the end of one of the several fields. The fields are all caged off with a thick black tarp that no one can see through for obvious reasons. I was eating lunch, listening to 104.3 the fan talk about the pre season and all kinds of Broncos stuff. When I finished my lunch I figured eh, what the hell, I'll stand on my tailgate and watch a couple minutes of the practice before I get back to work.

So I get in the bed of my truck, construction vest and hardhat on and watched practice for about 30 seconds before a whistle was blown and every player stopped. There was offense practicing on the field closest to me, and defense practicing on the next field down. On the next field down were two very large security guards who looked like they could have been pro fotball players themselves. They both started sprinting towrds my direction as fast as they could.

As they passed players, the players and coaches slowly turned my way and all stood there motionless and stared at me. At the time all that was going through my head was what in the hell is going on and why is everyone on the field looking at me. As the guards approached the gate they were screaming "Get the f**k down!!! YOU CAN"T BE WATCHING THIS!!!!!" I was scared shitless so I stepped off my truck and before I could get to the front door of my truck another security guard was halway out of the complex walking towrads my trcuk.

He had a look on his face like the look my dad would have anytime I did something that would result in a heavy punishment. He pointed me over to him with his index finger so I walked and met him halfway. He said in a calm voice "I am sorry for those guys yelling at you but you can't watch this practice because it is closed and you could possibly be a spy for another team" I responded with "I am very sorry sir, I am just working on the road out here and thought I'd watch a little of the practice on my lunch break." He responded with "It is okay, like I said, you could be a spy and there is a reason why we close these practices off. Please do not do this again. Have a nice day." Turned his back without me apologizing again and we both went our separate ways.

It was a surreal experience to have the entire team, and coaches watch you, two security guards sprint at you and an entire practice stopped just because of me watching for a few seconds. I learned my lesson and deffinately didn't do that again and they made sure of it because they had a guard stand at the gate near the parking lot for the rest of the summer.

The road ended up nicely and I was very pleased with the experience I had. I hope you Bronco fans enjoy this story and now you know what it's like to be a "Spygate suspect." I also hope for those of you who attend the practices or live in the area enjoy the new road. It took a lot of work and was a pain but I think everyone was happy in the end. Cheers Bronco fans and lets hope for a Super Bowl in the very near future!

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