Is Mike Wallace Worth It?

Mike Wallace has emerged as one of the better deep threats in the National Football League. He's one of the most explosive players in the entire league and has amazing quickness and speed. But is he worth the price that he will ultimately ask for?

April 20, 2012. That is the deadline for teams to deal for Restricted Free Agents. As it's been well documented, you all know that the Steelers have placed a 1st round tender on Wallace, and you also know that they have very little CAP room to match an offer should another team decide to give up a First Round pick on him.

Is Wallace worth a First Round pick? Of course he is, as long as it's a mid to late pick. He is tremendously talented and is a vital part to the modern day Steelers offense. Say for example the Broncos were interested in bringing in Wallace; all they would have to do is give up the 25th overall pick and make Mike Wallace an offer the Steelers can't match, which ultimately wouldn't be to much (Around $9 million, at least for 2012).

Honestly, would you rather have Mike Wallace or Kendall Wright/Alshon Jeffery/Stephen Hill with the 25th pick? I'd take the proven Pro Bowl player, but there is a catch (no pun intended):

Wallace is reportedly looking for a Larry Fitzgerald type deal. Fitzgerald signed an 8yr/$120 million deal back in August.

Is Wallace worth the 25th pick? Yes. $100 million+? No. And i'll tell you why:

Mike Wallace reminds me very much of Randy Moss. Moss is a Hall of Famer. But, he is also a one-trick pony. Wallace is also a one-trick pony. Mike Wallace isn't they type of WR that will go in the middle of the field and make the tough catches (In fact, i remember against the Broncos the only catch i think he caught over the middle was the play when he got laid out by Quinton Carter).

When i think of the elite Wide Recievers in the NFL; Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald etc... i think of Receivers who are going to risk there bodies to make the big play for the Quarterback. When i think of Mike Wallace, i don't think that. I think explosive player with a limited route tree.

If I'm the GM on any team, let alone the Broncos:

I pass on this. Wallace is a great player, but to much would have to be invested in him. This draft, like last draft, will ultimately i think be focused on Defense and it starts with the 25th pick. With the teams gaping hole in the middle of Defensive Line, Defensive Tackle is a must.

Thanks for reading.

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