A Little Break From The Norm. This Could Make You Laugh.

The other day I was sitting thinking about the last year of my only son's life. He had gone through a heartbreaking divorce that had left him bitter! He had met his wife five years earlier, and she had a little girl with a father who was very happy to sign off his rights to the child. (Dead Beat Dad) So my son married her mother, adopted her, and then four years later, they all split up.

Of course he is finacially obligated to provide for this other mans child until the age of 18, (she is now 6) but of course he has no problem with that because he loves her as his own.

The major riff in the relationship was, because after doing all that, then his wife refused to accept his two children in the same way he accepted hers. He had gone to court and obtained full custody of his son, (my only grand son) and she had the audacity to tell him that he should NOT expect her to do ANYTHING for "that kid" because he hadn't asked her if she wanted him to have custody! WHAT? ( Damn Honey! And here I thought you loved me!)

Needless to say, that lasted another tumultuos year and that was that!

So what's the point?

Grandpa (Me) moved in "to help my son with things." First my grandson, getting him up and ready for school, (my son leaves for work at 3:30 am and gets home at 7:00 pm on his new job) collecting him from school, tutoring him, catoring to him, (like only grand parents can get away with) and of course the normal "wifely chores" that the stay at home mom usually does. (but what his ex never seemed to manage)

So finally here's the point:

My son arrives home the other day and I said, "Son, do you realize how good you really have it? Do you ever stop to think about all that I do for you?"

And before he could give me the answer that I knew he would I continued. "I'm your Butler, I'm your Nanny, I'm the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. You never have to come home after a long day and do the laundry and the dishes like you used to!"

I'm on a roll, and by now a great big smile has replaced that worn out look on his face. "I'm your French Maid, your Chinese Laundry and the Handy Man you always wished for!"

"So son," I continued, "I hope you realize how much better I am being here for you than your Ex was, and besides.....The Sex Is Just As Good!"

Suddenly, that smile on his face was replaced by a look of shocked disbelief, but I guarantee you that it lasted for just as brief a span, because a second later he was doubled over laughing so hard that tears were flowing down his cheeks!

You see? He'd just realized that I knew that she hadn't been giving him any either! I continued, "and what really seals the deal is that I could really care less if you are seeing some one else!" (what wife allows that now?) Now you can visualize what ROTFLMAO really means to me.

He now has a great gal that he's dating, with four kids to go with the four he has, (Dear Lord Please Help Me!) and is very happy.

Go bonkerz...Ooops, sorry!

GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!John Rocks, and so does John! and so does...

fill in the blanks below...

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