Final Pre-FA Mock


Brodrick Bunkley, Marcus Thomas, Matt Prater, Joe Mays, Mario Haggan, Jason Hunter, Eddie Royal, Britton Colquitt, Dante Rosario


Wesley Woodyard, Ryan McBean, Matt Willis, Brady Quinn, Daniel Fells, Russ Hochstein, Manny Ramirez, Jeremiah Johnson, Spencer Larsen, Derrick Harvey, Brian Dawkins, Andre Goodman, Kevin Vickerson, Mitch Unrein, Lance Ball

FA Signings:

Mike Tolbert HB/FB, Richard Marshall CB, Mike Brisel G/C, Dwight Lowery S, Dennis Dixon QB, Matt Roth DE


TRADE!! Denver Broncos trade 25th overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers for the 30th and 93rd picks

-Trade allows 49ers to jump ahead of Houston to take top WR. Poe, Still and Cox off the board.

With the 30th pick Broncos select David Wilson HB VT

Wilson adds the explosive factor to an offense once lacking one. He is very athletic, quick, and runs very well. Reminds me of a slighlty more powerful DeAngelo Williams, great size and uses it well. Good receiver and has break away ability when he touches the ball. Not to mention he is a great kid and hard worker, showed up to class every day in a suite and tie.

With the 57th pick Broncos select Mike Martin DT Mich

Martin may not be the flashiest of the defensive tackles in this years draft but he is a relentless motor and could benefit from transitioning to a NT in the 4-3. He has a great anchor and has shown ability to penetrate and collapse the pocket. A player that might not have been a third round pick a month ago but works hard and could greatly benefit playing next to Dumervil, Von, and Bunk.

With the 88th pick Broncos select Derek Wolfe DT UC

Derek Wolfe produced big in 2011 and its just hard to ignore, 21.5 TFL 9.5 sacks, when all is said and done this guy could find his way into the second round. Really love the relentless attack this guy brings, the production speaks for itself even if it is the Big East.

With the 93rd pick Broncos select Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt

Casey Hayward has good size at 5'11 192 and has intercepted 13 balls over the past 2 years. He is an aggressive corner and I think would make for great competition with Harris, Syd and Vaughn.

With the 120th pick Broncos select Chris Givens WR WF

Givens is a speedy wideout that stands at 5'11 198. He declared as a junior which seemed pretty strange to most who figured he could climb up the draft boards as a senior. There has been much chatter about the junior but he caught 83 passes for 1330 yards and 9 scores, hard to ignore.

With the 129th pick Broncos select Danny Trevathan OLB UK

Hello Wesley Woodyard 2.0. Similar build to Woodyard at 6'1 230 and had similar numbers at Kentucky totaling 143 tackles, 11.5 TFL, 4FF, 4ints, and 5 PBU. Great production for a 5th round pick.

With the 152nd pick the Broncos select Kellen Moore QB BSU

I think we all kind of assume a qb will be taken in this years draft. To be honest i feel that picking a qb here is kind of a waste and would rather get a special teamer, but Denver will want a 4th qb.

Depth Chart:

QB: Tebow, Dixon, Weber

HB: McGahe, Wilson, Tolbert, Moreno, Fannin

FB: Tolbert/Fannin

WR: Thomas, Decker, Royal, Hill, Givens

TE: Thomas, Green, Rosario

OT: Clady, Clark

OG: Brisel, Beadles

OC: Davis, Walton

OG: Kuper, Beadles

OT: Franklin, Harris

DE: Dumervil, Roth

DT: Bunkley, Wolfe

DT: Martin, Warren, Thomas

DE: Ayers, Hunter

WLB: DJ, Mohamad, Trevathan

MLB: Irving, Mays

SLB: Miller, Haggan

CB: Champ, Harris, Hayward

SS: Lowery, Bruton

FS: Carter, Moore

CB: Marshall, Syd

K: Matt Prater

P: Britton Colquitt

LS: Lonnie Paxton

Last couple words about the depth chart. As for wide receivers, I can see a guy like goodwin or Mark Dell winning out the 5th final spot and another back can beat out Fannin I believe too. As for the Oline, unless JD Walton really improves he should not be the starter next year, he is far worse than Beadles and cannot hold his own especially against 3-4 NTs. I could see the OL shaping up in many different ways, same for the safeties. I think Quinton Carter will be a starter next year, Rahim Moore is the biggest question mark, hopefully they will both be starting.

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