My First Mock

I've always wanted to do one, and figured this year is as good as any. For the draft rankings/projections I'm using this website Hope you like it. Enjoy...

25th pick: I would really, really love to trade this pick, but I'm not sure who would bite on it. So I looked for a possible trade that would fit and make sense using the NFL Draft Trade Value Chart Trying to move back to around 40 overall I "traded" with BUF. Considering that NE is at 27 Buffalo may want to leapfrog them to try and get some defensive help, that the Patriots may also be targetting. So...


Denver gets: 41st overall, and 71st overall

Buffalo gets: 25th overall

41st overall pick: Lamar Miller RB Miami

He's an athlete from "The U". From what I've seen, if you have a chance to take a skill guy from Miami you take him. Incredible track record from that school. Miller is very fast in the open field with a 4.40 40 time, with good size for a RB at 5'11" 212 lbs. Another BIG plus with Miller is that his legs are fresh. He skipped his last 2 seasons of eligibility to come play in the NFL. And with every other position on the field this would be a red flag, except with RB where the shelf life is short. Miller is going to have those extra 2 years that not everyone else gets, which could prove extremely valuable down the line.


Denver Gets: 48th overall and 93rd overall

New England gets: 57th overall 71st overall

48th overall pick: Brandon Thompson DT Clemson

Possibly the best pass rushing DT in the entire draft. Socuts say he is on the short side at 6-2, but he makes up for it with his size at 312 pounds and "elite burst". His college statistics aren't great, but many say that is because offenses purposely designed gameplans to run away from Thompson. Very quick and agile for his size, and gets "great penetration". Something Denver has been missing at the Defensive Tackle positoin for awhile. Often times required a double team block so he would not disrupt the play. Big time hole filled with this pick.

87th overall pick: Russel Wilson QB Wisconson

If he was two inches taller he would be a day 1 starter going in the 1st round. Unfortunately for Wilson though he is only 5'11" and there isn't much he can do about it. Similar to RG3 as in he has top end speed for his position, but uses it more to buy time and get people open rather than run, but when he does take off he is a deadly weapon. Does an excellent job on playfakes, and has incredible arm strength. Not better than Griffins but it may actually be better than Luck's. He generally makes smart decisions and rarely throws interceptions. Learning under Manning for a few years will only do him good. Russell Wilson can sling it, and I truly hope he ends up doing so for the Broncos. (of course only after Manning brings us a championship or two first...)

93rd overall pick: Alameda Ta"amu DT Washington

Very, VERY big guy. 345 pounds, and can help provide a plug up the middle to stop the running game. As you would expect he is extremely strong and benched the 225 35 times at the combine. Not an excellent athlete by any means, but could prove to be a very strong and effective piece to the Broncos defensive puzzle. Has the ability to cause big problems for O-Lines with below average Centers and Guards. Playing alongside Thompson, they should compliment each other well.

108th overall pick: Michael Brewster C Ohio State

Was an anchor in the OSU line for his few years as starter, gets off good blocks. And was a Rimington trophy finalist in 2010. You can never have too much depth on the O-Line (just look at last year) and Brewster definitely can provide that. He may even be able to compete for the starting Center job in training camp considering the new QB, and how J.D. Walton struggled at times last year.

120th overall pick: Vontaze Burfict MLB Arizona State

Is he a head case at times? Yes. Does he make dumb penalties at times? Absolutley. Does he hit hard? Again yes. Is he worth the risk??? Now that is the real question here. And imo the answer is yes. He will be surrounded by a good coaching atmosphere who will try to help him make his skills better, but won't for 2 seconds take any crap from him. If Del Rio and Fox can't straighten this guy out then I'm not sure anyone can. When I watch him play, he's got the ability of the 1st rounder and at times the decision making of an undrafted free agent. As a mid 4th round pick, I think this is the perfect time to take him, if it doesn't work, than we didn't give up that much. From what I've seen, when he hits people there is no "extra push". They stop moving and go to the ground.

137th overall pick: Tommy Streeter WR Miami

Again another athlete from "The U". WRs also have an excellent track record fromt this school. Michael Irvin, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson. Not to say Streeter will be that good, but he does come from the athlete factory. Big time red zone threat at just under 6'5", and has burner speed with his 4.40 40 time. Very tall with long strides and gets down the field quickly. With Peyton as his QB, he could be one of those guys Peyton makes look special. We all know Peyton loves the long ball, and that is Streeters best asset.

188th overall pick: David Paulson TE Oregon

Doesn't jump off the page as an athletic freak. "Stocky" at 6'2" 252 pounds, and ran a slow 40 at the combine 4.83. However he improved it during his pro-day getting it into the 4.6's. Despite his size and below average speed, he has top end hands, and gets consistantly good seperation, once he gets the ball though, he isn't going to outrun anyone. Over the years at Oregon, he torched teams running the seam route down the middle of the field. Getting over the top, for big 20-30 yard pass plays. He reminds me a TON of Dallas Clark, which made me look at Clark's physical attributes and they turned out to be rather similar, 6'3" 247 pounds and ran a 4.81 40 as a rookie. Similar numbers, similar style, same QB. The only question is will he experience the same success. Taking Paulson in the 6th would be a very low-risk, high-reward move, and I would love to see him in Denver.

Potential Unrafted Free Agents: Arian Foster, Rod Smith, Tony Romo... You never know what you could find after the draft.

Tyler Shoemaker WR Boise State: He owns the record at Boise State for TD's by a WR. Has good speed and gets good seperation with a 4.5 40 yard dash time. Destroyed the middle of the field at Boise State. Could be a good Practice Squad pick up, and you never know one day maybe he makes the team.

Josh Chichester TE Louisville: Big bodied at 6'6" 233 pounds. Good developmental prospect at TE. Would really like to see Denver add him.

Jacory Harris QB Miami: Struggled this year after the suspension. He has the height at 6'3" but he is undersized at only 203 pounds. To me at least he can make all of the throws, and with some work, can be a solid backup QB in the NFL.

Thanks for Reading


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