Underrated 2012 NFL draft prospects that could shine with the Broncos

Hi guys, here we are one day closer to the official starting of Free Agency, when finally we could see what Denver is gonna doing with his own Free Agents and which players we’re gonna welcome as Bronco newcomers.

Anyhow this post is not about free agents, is about listing draft prospects that at this point I think are really underrated.

The pool of player I used includes only prospects that are projected as undrafted in at least one of the big scout analysis web pages on the web. Moreover I’m giving my opinion in which round the Denver Broncos could try to go after the player depending on what the player could bring to the table coming Training Camp.

I would really like to know from you other names that could be good finding late in the draft or that at the moment are flying under the radar (it means that they’re projected to go in the 6th round or lower) to let me know more about them.


Here we go:

Player Position College Combine Height Weight March Proj. Denver Proj.
Danny Trevathan ILB Kentucky YES 6' 1' 228 6th-7th CFA
Travian Robertson DT South Carolina YES 6' 4'' 302 7th - FA 5th
Drew Nowak DT WMU NO 6' 4'' 295 CFA 6th - 7th
Gerald Gooden DE/OLB Purdue NO 6' 4'' 235 CFA 6th
Tim Fugger DE Vanderbilt NO 6' 4'' 255 CFA 7th - CFA
Donyae Coleman S NMSU NO 5' 10'' 175 CFA CFA
Josh Pleasant CB Kent State NO 5' 10'' 181 CFA 5th - 6th
Jereby Ebert WR Northwestern NO 5' 10'' 195 FA 7th - CFA
Josh Oglesby RT, G Wisconsin YES 6' 7'' 338 CFA 6th - 7th
Logan Harrell DT Fresno State NO 6' 2'' 276 CFA 4th

Danny Trevathan (ILB) has really good video on him; I really like what I saw. Of course id an highlight so is difficult to see which are his working areas. I think that he could finally carry the same draft than Mike Mohammed the last year and could really be drafted this next draft. The reason why I assigned him a CFA grade of "Broncos Interest" is because Mike Mohammed is on the team and I suppose that Denver would not invest a similar draft pick just one year later on the same position. Anyhow if he falls to CFA, there is no reason in my mind for Denver not trying to bring this kid to training camp and compete. He will play in the NFL; my guess is that some 3-4 defense teams will draft him even higher than the 6th round.

Travian Robertson (DT) is a really underrated prospect. He is really worth a draft selection in the middle round, even more for teams, like Denver, that will be probably looking for depth and potential diamonds in the rough. By the video on him I saw, he has all the tools and skills to be successful in the NFL. Denver would immediately have a better depth at DT and could develop him in a starter in a couple of year. I think that invest one of the two 5th round picks would be a worth gamble. He’s one of my favorite sleepers.

Drew Nowak (DT-DE) is another D-Lineman that is quite underrated. I could not find any really good video on him, but I listened to some interview and check his production and both things impressed me. I was not invited to the combine, although being nominated the MAC defensive player of the year. His production was really good in 2011 and he also competed against good teams (Miami i.e.). I like him less than Robertson, and for this reason I would take him in the Draft only in the 6th round (I know that at the moment Denver has not a 6th round pick…but you never know what happens during draft day). If he’s still there in the 7th I think that Denver could think about him. As CFA he will be a great addition and will give hard times to some more known DT in training camp. In Denver he will at least make the practice squad.

Gerald Gooden (DE – OLB). I read in some article that at the combine Darius Flaming has interview with 26 teams. Well this guy here wasn’t invited to the Combine but I would like a team like Denver to try converting him in OLB. He could be the perfect backup for SOLB Von Miller. He has pass rush ability and the size to compete physically with TEs. He will be a project for a while because he will have to learn to drop in coverage, but last year this was the same knock that Von Miller faced….I’m not saying that he has the same skills than the 2011 Defensive Rookie of the year (I’m sure he won’t be the 2nd pick overall, neither the 22nd…) but if a team believe in him, I think he could develop in a good pass rusher OLB.

Tim Fugger (DE) is an interesting prospect IMO. He’s totally flying under the radar at the moment so up to now I think that Denver would have to use at best a 7th round pick and could possible trying to get him as CFA. I like his motor and he has a good number of sacks and pressures playing in the SEC. I won’t underestimate it and will give him a chance, especially a team like Denver that could be looking for better Depth at DE.

Donyae Coleman (CB-S) was a really productive CB this past year at New Mexico State. He’s a little bit short (5’ 10’’) and light (175lb) but had anyhow 130 tackles and 6 interceptions….this is productivity. He would need to bulk up, but I love production and effort. He was the leader of New Mexico State and also this is important to me. I would draft him over some bigger university late prospect also because he didn’t have the same amount of talent around him that the one that a big university prospect (LSU, Florida etc…) could had. He is probably my second favorite sleeper prospect for Denver.

Josh Pleasant (CB): I like this kid, both what actually could bring to the table from day 1 and his potential too. He’s a little bit undersized but Chris Harris just showed that a football player is simple a football player. From the video I saw of this guy, he is definitely a football player. He really looks to know what to do in the football field and has always his eyes on the ball. I think that it will be interesting to wait until his Pro-Day and check is 40 time. It will define how high the Broncos should go to take him in the draft, but I would say that a late 5th round pick could be a great pick for this player.

Jereby Ebert (WR): this guy really did everything a WR has to do at Northwestern. He also faced really good competition. He won’t be drafted in the first 4 rounds because he is not explosive, but he is resilient and go on and on making plays. He would instantly upgrade Denver depth at the position. A late round flier on him will pay back in a big way.

Josh Oglesby (RT, G): this guy will be drafted. He can play, He has to get better to be a NFL starter, but from the video I saw, he will. Like Sowell, he played with a really mobile QB. Like Sowell he could be a good fit for the Broncos. He will be a great fit for the Broncos; he will immediately improve O-Line depth and could push for playing time both at guard and right tackle. I would really like if Denver would use a late pick for take this player off the board.

Logan Harrell (DT): is incredible to me that he’s rated as undrafted free agent. Are you kidding me? This kid plays with great motor and effort. He’ll do everything he has to and I bet that one day he will be at least a great rotational player, but I won’t bet against him developing in a good starter. So a team like Denver that need quality depth at DT should really think to defy draft analysts and take him in the 4th or 5th round. Some years from now it will be regarded as a draft steal.

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