Our D will not be the next Orange Crush...

It could perhaps be something greater: the VonDoom Menace.


Led by two of the best pass rushers in the game, our defense can be dominant. However, as the cliche goes, football is a team sport. Though flashes of brilliance were evident last year, we cannot hide from the fact that the majority of them occurred against mediocre - middle of the pack teams. In games against teams like the Packers, Patriots (both times), and Lions, our true colors were shown. If I were the GM of the Denver Broncos, my goal would be to make sure the only colors the opposing teams see are the blue and orange of our jerseys as VonDoom lead the charge of the Light Brigade. Take a jump and enjoy my last non-controversial, Manning-free mock offseason until free agency starts.

Free Agency


Spencer Larsen

Daniel Fells

Britton Colquitt

Chris Clark

Brodrick Bunkley

Jason Hunter

Ryan McBean

Mario Haggan

Joe Mays

New Additions:

Josh McCown

He isn't Peyton Manning (ok, I lied about it being Manning-less), but he's an adequate backup who's seen it all. And, if I recall correctly, he is quite a mobile quarterback. A veteran presence, McCown can provide some guidance for our young QBs.

Ben Grubbs


Grubbs is a pro bowl guard who would come at a reasonable price (I'm guessing about $6 mil since Jahri Evans received $8.1 mil a year and Nicks will get much more). Comes from a run-heavy team with a winning pedigree. A superb run blocker and an above average pass blocker. Would immediately upgrade the interior o-line. I've seen many commenters express their disappointment in Beadles, calling him the "weakest link" of the hogs.

Chris Chamberlain

Chamberlain is a young guy who really came into his own last year, posting 81 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 FF, and 1 INT in 13 starts for the Rams. He would come in and take the place of Woodyard. He is a superb special teams player and a good backup. Would benefit from playing under Fox and Del Rio.

Carlos Rogers


Rogers is a player I've always been a big fan of. He's always had the talent, and finally showed it, helping make the 49er defense dominant. He benefited from a good d-line, and with some shoring up in the middle, ours is even better. SF is going to let the market set the value for Rogers since they have a couple of young, up and comers to take his spot. His value is expected to be about $5 mil per year, and he's seeking a 4-5 year contract. If anything, it is the longevity that could be a concern since he is 30 at the moment, but he has about 4-5 years left in him, coincidentally. $5 mil a year for a Pro Bowl CB is a steal, and he'd help the young safeties and corners develop while he holds down the outside with Champ.

The Draft

*Trade: We send the 25th pick to the Bills for the 41st and 72nd picks. I chose the Bills for the sake of the mock. They do need an OT after Demetrius Bell leaves, and someone like Mike Adams could be available. I want a trade back, but I do want to see the Broncos select on the first day of the draft! It signals a new era. But, sadly we have many needs.

2nd round (41st pick): Harrison Smith (FS), Notre Dame, 6'2" 213


Ok, I lied again. There will be controversy. I think I will be crucified for this pick, but oh well. This guy is an absolute MONSTER. He has excellent size, but also the athleticism, speed, and ball skills to top it all off. Mayock called Smith the next in the short line of TE stoppers. When the fellas on NFL Network were asked to select a player who could lock down the Gronks, Grahams, or Hernandezs, Smith was the one they mentioned. He is best described as an "ultra-athletic, smart, free safety...who should push to start early."

2nd round (57th pick): Kendall Reyes (DT), UConn, 6'4" 299


Perfect size and quickness to be our pass rushing DT. After a relatively mediocre Combine, Reyes could very well fall from the early-mid 2nd round to the later portion. He has tremendous explosion off the LOS and has the short area quickness to get into the backfield on run plays. His pass rushing arsenal isn't fully loaded yet, but Reyes showed his high potential in the Senior Bowl when he had 2.5 sacks against top notch competition.

3rd round (72nd pick): Robert Turbin (RB), Utah State, 5'10" 222


I am a huge fan of Turbin. He's got it all. "His surprising combination of power, burst, and reliability as a receiver and blocker could make him a candidate for early and significant playing time as a rookie." There are concerns about his durability/injury history, but to that I say: he will not be a 20 carry per game back, as he will share carries with McGahee and others in the future. Very promising player.

3rd round (88th pick): Tyrone Crawford (DE), Boise State, 6'4" 285


Crawford has been called the defensive lineman sleeper of the draft. He has great DE size and the athleticism and quickness to go with it. He is a high effort rusher with a great work ethic; a good run defender with some potential as a pass rusher. Crawford needs polishing and more moves in this area, but he still managed good production at the FBS level, posting 7 and 6.5 sacks the last two seasons, respectively.

4th round (120th pick): Omar Bolden (CB), Arizona State, 5'10" 202


If we are going to draft a defender out of Arizona State, THIS is the guy. Bolden is my CB sleeper of this draft. He has a thick, compact frame and great track speed. He is a superb cover corner, and is often described as a big, athletic cover corner with the ability to start immediately. He has good recovery and straight line speed to stay with any WR in the NFL. However, his injury concerns in college, including a torn ACL last year, have allowed Bolden to slip through the cracks. With the Broncos, he'd have the time to develop and recover to full strength. Although he didn't get a chance to showcase his speed at the Combine, the corner was able to display excellent strength for a DB, posting 24 reps in the bench press.

5th round (129th pick): AJ Jenkins (WR), Illinois, 6'0" 192


A favorite of mine in this year's WR draft class. Jenkins is an elite deep threat with capable size and great hands, and is also a fluid route runner with a nice possession game. He has excellent balance, body control, and hand-eye coordination, enough to be compared to Brandon Lloyd (although not NEARLY as balanced, controlled, or coordinated). Could fit in nicely as our slot receiver.

7th round (something pick): Donte Paige-Moss (DE), North Carolina, 6'4 260


Once considered to be a future 1st round pick with Quinton Coples, this head case got ahead of himself and let his production slip dramatically last year after posting consecutive 49 tackle, 7 sack seasons. Scouts can't help but acknowledge his athletic gifts, but with a torn ACL, a regression of play, and off the field issues, he will likely fall into the 6th-7th round. Taking Moss here is not much of a risk at all, and it's a move I'd be ecstatic with.

Final 53

QB: Tebow, McCown, Weber

RB: McGahee, Turbin, Moreno, Fannin

FB: Larsen

WR: Thomas, Decker, Jenkins, Hill, Goodwin

TE: Fells, Thomas, Green

LT: Clady, Harris

LG: Grubbs, Beadles

C: Walton, Davis

RG: Kuper, Beadles

RT: Franklin, Clark

DE: Dumervil, Hunter, Paige-Moss

DT: Bunkley, Vickerson

DT: Reyes, Warren, McBean

DE: Ayers, Crawford

WLB: DJ, Chamberlain

MLB: Irving, Mays

SLB: Von, Haggan

FS: Smith, Moore

SS: Carter, Bruton

CB: Champ, Rogers, Harris, Bolden, Syd'Quan

K: Prater

P: Colquitt

LS: Paxton

KR: Goodwin, Jenkins

PR: Goodwin, Jenkins

Hope you enjoyed it. Take it easy on the Harrison Smith pick!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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