Peyton Manning.

Yeah, he may be available, and he's a perennial Hall Of Famer, and John Elway is interested. I'm excited, but it's a bittersweet excitement. Why? If we get Peyton, Tebow is reportedly going to be traded according Vic Lombardi. I would hate to trade Tim, but at least it's clear to me, it's going to happen sooner rather than later.

First it's no secret that Broncos love RG3. Now they're seriously after Manning. Don't forget the Training Camp fiasco, was he really 4th string? They preferred Kyle Orton too him, and there has to be some truth about Brady Quinn in the Wild-Card game. You don't put a QB through all that, if you truely plan on, having him as the Starter for the Franchise.

Now back to Manning, i'm only interested in him if, he's recovering very well, will be 100% again, and won't be a huge medical risk on sundays. I'm betting the teams no more than we do about Manning, no way they would go after him and spend the amount of money it will take to get him, if he's not going to be the Manning of old.

If EFX brings him in for a workout and he tests out well, and our Doctors clear him... i'm all for it. I love Tebow, and Tebow time, but...This is Peyton Freaking Manning. Sure he might be a risk, so is Tebow, Manning might be an injury risk, so is tebow.

There's also a good chance whomever signs Manning, will also get Reggie Wayne. Imagine an offense with D-Thomas, Wayne and Decker, DAMN! Also add in he'll make Julius Thomas and Virgil Green much better. Our offensive line is better than anything Manning has had recently in Indy. Manning usually lacked talent in indy on the offensive side of the ball. Our young guys with Manning would be exciting to watch.

Also, Fox can hand over the entire offense to Manning. He'll coach them up and make this Mannings offense. Move over Mike McCoy. Manning won't run every 1st down.

Now i'll hear the arguement, it's a short sighted move, yes it is, but this is the NFL. You can't plan more then 3-4 years from now. Roster turnover is constant, players and coaches are let go, you have to have a short sighted plan. If you believe Manning is better in the short term than Tim Tebow, you make the move. Now is it the best long term move? Hard to say. I don't know, you don't know, and they don't know, let's not pretend we do know.

I know some of you will not agree with me, and want Tebow all the way, and 99% of the time i'm behind you, but this time, i'm sorry. If we can get a healthy 100% Peyton Manning, we have to do it.

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