For Tebow to succeed..

Im as big a Tebow fan as anybody out there. I was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida and went to High School 20 miles from Nease where he started his legend. I have always been a diehard Gator fan so you can imagine how much more I admired the guy after helping my Gators win 2 National Titles, a Sugar Bowl, and a Heisman Trophy during his 4 years. But as much as I want him to succeed, Im worried he may never be what NFL experts, coaches, want him to be.

Tebow has spent almost every offseason since his time at Florida working on his throwing mechanics. He has worked with the same coach during multiple offseasons now, and no matter how much work he put into it, you just cant change your bodies natural mechanics and build. Im sure he is going to give it his all and there will be no lack of effort. The fact is, I dont think he is going to be able to change his long wind up, and his unattractive release like many hope he will. If it was possible for him to, he would have already done it by now. He is still going to throw the occasional screw ball, that looks so bad that you wouldnt think any NFL QB would be capable of throwing something like that. He is still going to have a wobble on many of his throws, and hes still going to have a release that is slower that what most any coach would like.

Maybe he improves slightly, but it isnt going to be enough to change the minds of all those so called "experts" and media anaylsts that say his style cant succeed in the NFL. I have no doubt that a full offseason is going to help him, he should have a better control of the offense and his comfort level and knowledge of defenses should improve. But what he is not going to be is a spiral throwing, quick release, Aaron Rodgers from this offseason workout. Unfortunatley Im afraid his throwing motion and his mechancis arent going to improve as much as people say they will have too. He is what he is, and hes not what hes not.

The good news though is he is still capable of making the throws neccesary of a winning NFL QB. While his mechanics and his relase may not improve as much as people would like, he can still improve his accuracy without changing his mechanics too much. In college Tebow completed over 60% of his passes throughout his career at Florida against some of the best defenders in the country in the S.E.C.. Running the football is still going to have to be the meat and potatoes of the offense. But with the right weapons Denver can win with Tebow.

Anybody that says Tebow doesnt have a strong arm is just being ignorant. Dude has as strong an arm as anybody in the league I would bet. What Tebow had at Florida that helped him so much was a group of recievers that could either outrun or outstretch defenders, enabling Tebow to launch it with confidence. I dont remember how many times I saw Eric Decker fail to get seperation from his defender, or fail to run underneath the ball when Tebow would air it out. Most of Tebows recievers at Florida were taller which helped Tebow feel more confident in throwing it in the endzone knowing his guys had the best chance to come down with it. Broncos recieving corps was horrible last year. They have to surround Tebow with more playmakers.

The next thing Tebow needs is confidence from his coaching staff. The fact that Elway and Fox already endorsed him for next year is a good move. When Tebow isnt second guessing himself and he plays with his game instincts he plays his best. His confidence was wailing at times last year and you could see it, you could see it by the way the Broncos were calling plays early in games constantly running the ball, which probably made Tebow second guess his throwing ability. I honestly believe that Tebow was originally put in during the Chargers game to appease the fans, and in hopes that he would fail and they could put an end to Tebowmania. What other reason would there be to put him in over Brady Quinn when apparently he was 2nd on the depth chart ( even though in my opinion and statistically Tebow outperformed Quinn in the Preseason). Then to top it all off after they announce Tebow the starter they trade away the teams best playmaker and reciever in Brandon Lloyd.

But this year is going to be Tebows chance to prove he isnt just a fluke, that somehow all the cards fall into place for in miraculous games. My fear is though that if the Broncos dont add some key playmakers to the offense, teams are going to be able to shut down the heavy run and option that the Broncos called last year. Knowing that Tebows best throw is his deep ball, it would make since to get a serious deep threat reciever. Vincent Jackson is a top tier reciever that is going to go on the market and he is big and fast and just the kind of guy that would be perfect for Tebow to just throw it up too. Their is some great recievers coming out of the draft this year and some guys that may be drafted lower than what their talents deserve. Broncos have to get a legitimate deep threat, somebody that is big and fast and can either seperate from defenders or jump over them.

Stephen Hill is a speedster out of GT with some size they might be able to get in the second round, as well as Alshon Jeffery who is a big reciever from South Carolina who showed flashes of brilliance during SEC play. Jeffery has fallen down many teams draft boards because his production wasnt as great this year as it was his sophmore year, but with the right strength program, he could be a top reciever and a steal in the draft. Tebow needs a big reciever like this that will be able to grab the deep ball over defenders, or simply outrun them and get seperation. Deryious Thomas showed flashes of greatness last year and hopefully he will continue to improve, but Tebow needs more weapons than just him.

From what all the experts say, it looks like the Broncos will take a DT with their first round pick, I got no problem with this. Unless Janoris Jenkins falls to them at 22 go for it, get the best Defensive Tackle because it is an area of need. But in the later rounds their are plenty of great additions the Broncos should look at seriously on offense. With Magahee getting older and Knowshown Moreno banged up and injury prone it makes since to go ahead and bring in a young running back. Doug Martin from Boise State looks solid. He is an everydown kind of back that can do it all. Hes decently fast running a 4.5 at the combine, he runs hard, he catches great out of the backfield, he blocks well and hes smart with a good shoulder on his heads. He would be a great addition to the Broncos backfield.

Since it looks like the Broncos are going to be releasing Eddie Royal, they need to cash in on another speedster in the draft that can replace his talents as a returner, and a slot reciever, or scat back. Two names come to mind, Lamichael James from Oregon and Chris Rainey from Florida. Those two are both burners, who while they probably cant be everydown backs for you they could do damage as kick, punt returners and in special packages on offense. Lamichael James looks like he will go in the mid 3 round maybe while Chris Rainey could likely fall all the way down to the 5th or 6th round. While James ran the faster 40 time of the too, Chris Rainey ran some of the fastest times in the last 10 years in some of the shuttle drills and different cut speed drills. Hes small, but think Desean Jackson, Dexter Mccluster, Darren Sproles, exept faster and more elusive. Give Tebow the weapons he needs to succeed, and I think he can prove the experts wrong.

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