Shooting the....

My grandfather once said, when faced with a hard decision, one should always weigh the positives and negatives of ones choices in order to gauge the outcome. That way, at the end of the day, you can go to your grave saying to yourself I lived and died by my decisions. This is called integrity. Its standing behind your choices. I am not here to give people a life lesson though, like my grandfather did for me. Rather I wish to have a true discussion as to what the pro's and con's (a term my grandfather refused to use due to his career in corrections) of signing Peyton may be.


  • Peyton Manning is a beast, despite having an injury problem. The guy is a winner. Some may debate that, but the broncos staff would be out of their minds not to try 100% to get this guy on the team. You need an example? How about Tom Brady's knee.
  • I keep hearing 3-4 years of quarterback. Elway was 38 when he retired. Pretty good comparison in terms of fire and determination to win right? Well maybe. But here is the thing, health has advanced quite a bit since 12 years ago. And can you really, honestly say, that Elway could not have kept playing? Also, on the 3-4 year note, this gives Tebow tons of time to develop, or 3-4 years of scouting in order to draft a new QB.
  • To the Tebow lovers out there (I am one of them), we may need to bury this experiment. If manning came in, I fully believe he will play at an elite level (remember Brady). This will give us an unknown amount of time full of WINNING. That's what its all about isn't it? Not what the QB's name is, but where the trophy lands.


  • Can he come back healthy? Honest enough question. Can he return to form, and earn his money? if not, then we need to get off the bandwagon and work with Tebow, or we are going to be losers for a long time if we take the risk.
  • Tebow? What happened to all our dreams? I know I stood on my couch 5-6 times this year alone and screamed until it hurt because this kid does magical things. Should we invest in the future or live in the past?
  • Lets say manning is a beast. Add a year to get the playbook in his massive head. Plus, how receivers run (chemistry), blocking schemes, routes, audibles, calls. Its not madden out here. This is real life. You cant just plug a guy in and expect him to have everything immediately in his head.
  • Age. Hes old. Champ is old. Our O Line is not the greatest. Willis is old. We don't want to be investing in more old players.... Right?

I guess I am on the fence. To be honest, I am in a panic. I know a lot of people are writing about this, but I honestly do not know who we will be in the next year. And that scares me. I love Manning, but I love Tebow. I love this team though even more. I do know what to do.

BUT, I was told to make my decisions and live by them. And I live for the name on the front of our jerseys, not on the back. With that being said, I would bring Manning in. Sign him. Mentor or Trade Tebow for picks/players. Scout for the future now. He can and will help us win.

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