Peyton Manning as a Denver Bronco Mock Draft

If #7 believes that we're a better team with Peyton Manning than Tim Tebow and that it's possible to compete for a Super Bowl Championship this year then so be it. I don't think Tebow will want to pick up a clipboard again so we should trade him to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 38th pick in the 2nd round and the 101st pick in the 4th round of the 2012 NFL Draft. I will hate to see Tebow go to another team but at least he will get another shot and we will some quality draft picks in return. On to the mock:

Round 1 Pick #25: Denver Broncos select Devon Still, DT, Penn State


We need to establish an interior pass rush to compliment Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller. Devon Still is a perfect fit and one hell of a bargain in the late 1st round.

Round 2 Pick #38 (from Jacksonville): Denver Broncos select Doug Martin, RB, Boise State


Willis McGehee was one of my favorite Broncos in 2011 but he isn't getting any younger. Doug Martin is a quick durable back who will eventually be a star in the NFL.

Round 2 Pick #57: Denver Broncos select Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia


It's no secret that our defense is prone to let downs at the end of the season largely because we've got a lot of older veterans. Brandon Boykin represents an infusion of youth and speed in our secondary and could be a day 1 replacement for Andre Goodman.

Round 3 Pick #88: Denver Broncos select Nick Foles, QB, Arizona


If we're going all in with Peyton Manning and showing Tim Tebow the door we will need to draft a young QB with potential. Nick Foles isn't a perfect prospect but he will have some time to learn under one of the best QB's in the modern era.

Round 4 Pick #101 (from Jacksonville): Denver Broncos select Senio Kelemete, OG, Washington


Our offensive line was a strength in 2011 but we have almost no depth. Senio Kelemete has starter potential and could fill in at guard or tackle if we need him to.

Round 4 Pick #120: Denver Broncos select Jarius Wright, WR, Arkansas


I'm done with Eddie Royal and I hope the front office is too. Jarius Wright would take over in the slot and be a major target for Peyton Manning (I can't even believe I'm typing that).

Round 5 Pick #129: Denver Broncos select Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas


Robert Ayers is an average player and we could use an upgrade who can consistently get pressure on opposing QB's; Jake Bequette is that guy.

Round 5 Pick #152: Denver Broncos select Vick Ballard, RB, Mississippi State


This is a bit of a luxury pick in the late 5th round but Vick Ballard is a man child and needs to be a Denver Bronco.

Round 7 Pick #216: Denver Broncos select Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, DT, Baylor


Nick Jean-Baptise is an underrated player with a cool last name; enough said.

Like I said, I'm going to hate to see Tebow go but if that's the direction the front office is taking us we might as well add some quality players and make a serious run at a Super Bowl Championship. GO BRONCOS!!!

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