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Been lots of passion about the Broncos getting Peyton Manning. Just want to say I did not mean to offend anyone with my passion. SO i thought I would just put some bullet points of the issues as I see it. Thanks for giving me the forum!

  • First and foremost, I like Petyon Manning. One of the greatest ever and a genuinely good guy it seems.
  • I like Tim Tebow. He did so much with the deck stacked against him. Some was ugly, some was brilliant! He showed the ability to inspire rookies and vets alike, and that can't be discounted, nor should it be given up on.
  • Our team has many holes, so from a pure business sense, its a risky move to go after an injured Manning who is 36 when there are so many ELITE YOUNG players in arguably the deepest FA year we will ever see.
  • I had bought in on EFX with their building from the draft, and building with youth. We saw MANY of our young guys step up last year, both as players and leaders. I still believe in this method.
  • EFX's chasing of Manning flies right in the face of what they have told us. That pisses me off.
  • My gut (and many insiders as well who have been all over this and correct on this one) is if Manning comes Tebow goes. This does not stoke me out.
  • Broncos are all in on Manning. Say we lose the sweepstakes, where does that leave Tebow and our team?
  • I have no problem EFX interviewing Weeden. Thats good competition.
  • I have lost a lot of trust in our leadership. My belief is you don't follow your leaders (in any walk of life) blindly. they need to earn our trust and respect.
Things I hope I am wrong on:
  • No doubt that Tebow sitting behind Manning will help him. Manning seems to have a genuine want to help out younger players, and this would be a BOON for Tebow and the Broncos.
  • I hope that Tebow has been kept in the loop, and is behind the move. I have my doubts as reports from some local insiders are saying the Tebow Camp is very upset.
  • No doubt that Manning will attract FA interest. My concerns are blowing a wad of cash on Manning and not being able to sign YOUNG ELITE FA's.
Thats it in a nutshell. Hope I have not offended anyone. I have been in disagreement with many that I respect, but still does not mean I don't value what you guys say.



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