The Elite Offense Draft

When Elway took over the reigns as VP, he stated that a championship team needs to be elite on one side of the ball and very good on the other. Initially Elway focused on the D stating that he wanted to build a D that he would have hated. All indications from the first year were he was attempting to build a mean, elite D. He hired a defensive minded head coach and drafted heavily (and well) on the defensive side of the ball.

A funny thing happened on the way to an elite Defense, Peyton Manning came available and before you know it, the shortest route to being elite on one side of the ball was to take the offense to full elite status.

Before being accused of "crazy talk" for not taking defensive tackle with our first pick, I would love a "step right in and play at above average level" DT but those are rare and even rarer at #25 in the draft. So I am coming to terms with a band-aid DT lineup.

Ok, but I digress ... lets see what draft could create the matchup problems for any opposing defense we encounter while giving a little help to our defense.

Round 1

C Peter Konz

Ok, so I know the whole draft a center first, are you crazy? .. but hear me out. We had a strong running game last year based on some trickery and because of the unusual elements Tim Tebow brought. Without that trickery, we are not a straight up dominant running team. Looking at the patriots game, we are not prime time in the pass blocking arena either. Manning only needs time and good receivers. Konz is a start immediately type player in an area of, i believe, extreme need.

Round 2

RB Lamar Miller

As close to Clinton Portis as we have seen in a while ... not quite as fast but still fast a shifty. The perfect back for draws and as an outlet receiver ... very dangerous in open space and a potential home run hitter every time he gets the ball.

Round 3

DT Derek Wolfe

The DT crowd finally get something. Great attitude and can be minimally a very good pass rush DT. Strong and energetic. Relentless worker.

Round 4(1)

WR Tommy Streeter

Fast and more importantly very tall WR. Fantastic matchup difficulty for defenses in the red zone.

Round 4(2)

OG Brandon Brooks

Might not be here in the lower 4th but our Oline needs to keep improving and needs depth. We are one injury or two away from breaking our shiny new QB. Remember the 97/98 broncos had the best OLine in football.

Round 5

OLB Demario Davis

Good production in college, fast and strong. Fast enough and strong enough to possibly cover those tight ends that give us so much trouble.

Round 6

WR Danny Coale

our new punt/kickoff returner averaging 43 yards per punt on 13 kicks.

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