Zaffer's Very First Mock

I must first say that i don't watch a whole lot of college ball. I have based a lot of my picks based on things ive read here and elsewhere. I tried to be realistic not allowing players to drop beyond where some "draft expects" project. any trades will also try to match realistic partners. well... jump...

Round 1

Pick #25 - there are a lot of different way the Broncos could go here. In this scenario St. Louis failed to get Blackmon with their #6 overall pick. and Jump in front of Houston to select Stephen Hill. There is no question that St. Louis needs a top flight WR and with a surplus of picks St. Louis has the ammo to go an get their 2nd choice guy. Broncos receive from the Rams 2nd Round pick #39 overall (via WAS), 4th Round pick #96 overall, and 2013 4th round pick. (not sure how trading future picks works exactly, but i think i did my math correctly)

Round 2

Pick #39 Jerel Worthy

I know a lot of experts have us picking him at #25, the ones that don't, have him falling past #39. I'm actually okay if we did reach at #25 but since St. Louis was looking to move up, EFX gladly select their guy closer to his "value" I thought of selecting Reyes at #25 with huge props to DE_BroncosFan for his excellent post on improved explosion numbers. But ultimately i love what i've seen in the Worthy highlights. He plays in the Big 10 where a lot of the top OL come from so i believe he can be successful and disruptive for us. Jerel is WORTHY of being a Denver Bronco!

Pick #57 Lamar Miller

I know some would rather Doug Martin with #25 but with PFM and the general trend to throw more than pass. I have a hard time picking a RB in the 1st round. I'd even prefer to wait til later rounds but a lot of mocks have Miller falling past us at #57 and I think he's too good to pass up.

Round 3

Pick #87 Josh Norman

I wanted to put Mike Martin here, but i dont think he will be available. if he is, he will be the pick. Since i dont see that happening i went with best available corner (Boykin off the board). I would also consider OL with this pick.

Round 4

Pick #96 (trade with St. Louis) Derek Wolfe

He might be available with #108 pick but with Martin snatched early, EFX decides to take no chances and ensure we have a solid DL for years to come with this underrated selection

Pick #108 Brock Osweiler

I should first say that while im sure Mr. Osweiler is a fine prospect, i am personally not interested in selecting a QB this draft (save it to next year) Some drafts have him taken earlier, others taken later... I think IF available EFX will pull the trigger. I'd much rather select OC David Molk for example

Pick #120 Tommy Streeter

I know that EFX would like to add at least one WR. sadly i think Molk will be off the board by this point. If he is not David Molk will be the pick. Since we pick again at the top of the 5th we decide to pick WR here. I can't honestly say i know much about Streeter but he seems to be a popular pick up around here and is available at #120

Round 5

Pick #137 Michael Brewster

We could use an upgrade at Center and Brewster could fit the bill. Much needed depth any way you look at it.

this could also second as a Jerel Worthy highlights man he gets back there a bunch. fortunately Brewster did a good job with his assignments..

Round 6

Pick #188 Brian Quick

seems to be available maybe a reach but with their last pick EFX chooses to give PFM another shiny new toy to play with. Small School, but could be a steal here.

so thats my draft. tell me what'cha think!

Note i am also not at all opposed to trading some picks this year for higher picks next year. Since we'll obviously be picking 32 next year, i wanna start collecting ammo so we can move up and grab the Honey Badger in 2013

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