Statistic that has changed my mock draft perspective

I was reading a BleacherReport article and it brought up a Denver radio talk show 104.3 (I live in Chicago) and they were asking Ted Sunquist about the draft.

Ted admitted to his prior mistakes when it came to drafting using Willie Middlebrooks as a prime example. When asked what he would do with the 25th pick, he said he would trade back and not long after that he spoke of a very offsetting statistic that supported his reasoning as Denver's biggest need is defensive tackle: only approximately 25 percent of defensive tackles taken at that position will turn into five-year starters.

Obviously, I was already aware that drafting a defensive tackle in the first round is always a risk as they probably have the biggest bust rate in draft history. But the fact that only 1 of every 4 defensive tackles drafted turns into a five year starter makes me even more skeptical than I already was when talking about taking players such as Brockers, Poe, Worthy or Still who all have at least one question mark sitting below their name.

With this being said, I have re-evaluated the direction that I believe we should take in the draft.

Round 1 Pick 25: Doug Martin, Running Back BOISE STATE

Martin is the best all-around back in the draft and I believe he is going to be a big time player at the next level. The fact that the possible remaining defensive tackles such as Brockers(best case scenario) who played only one year and is believed by many to take at least another year to develop to his potential, Poe who is the most overrated player in the draft this year IMO b/c of his combine and size(i could go on forever about my disliking of Cox and why we must avoid him), Worthy who I like but is known to take plays off and disappear during games, and Still who has injury concerns along with problems with disappearing during games much like Worthy. Worthy and Still may even be considered a "reach" by most as many believe that they will fall to the end of the first or early second round. The fact that each of these players have question marks about them just adds to the 25% statistic I mention at the beginning of this post.

With this pick, we get a 1-2 punch with McGahee and Martin. Moreno will be used to his best abilities on passing downs where he thrives in the screen game and gets out in open space along the flats to use that great agility. Hopefully with his limited role he can stay healthy! And we have Fannin for depth as well. This will make our running game on par with our passing game and Peyton Manning will be able to utilize the play action like he used to with the colts before his last couple years.



Round 2 Pick 57: Brandon Thompson, Defensive Tackle CLEMSON

I believe that Thompson will slip this far to us and we will be getting great value at this pick for such a good prospect. I believe Thompson is an underrated player and that he was a large reason for DaQuan Bowers' monster season the prior year. He can be the anchor to our defensive line with his superior strength and great play in run support.



Round 3 Pick 87: Mike Martin, Defensive Tackle MICHIGAN

Huge pickup if he is available at this spot which I still have hope that he will be even though his stock might be secretly rising. Martin is a MONSTER and pairing him with Brandon Thompson creates a brick wall at the defensive front. If we are able to draft these two and if Ty Warren comes back and remains healthy all season then we may have one of the biggest defensive tackle turnarounds ever! Hopefully Vickerson gets and stays healthy too we can sign Justin Bannon for more depth. What a solid rotation this could become!



Round 4 Pick 108: Chase Minnifield, Cornerback VIRGINIA

Chase has a lot of upside and is already a very talented athlete. It would be good to add some more depth to our corners along with some youth. He could possibly fill the role of kick/punt returner due to the departure of Eddie Royal.



Round 4 Pick 120: Michael Brewster, Center OHIO STATE

I would say that the majority of us here at MHR are not exactly convinced that J.D. Walton is going to be the future of our franchise. I don't think EFX is very confident with that idea either, so we take his eventual successor, Brewster, who can motivate and push Walton to perform better throughout training camp. After this season I believe the two will compete for the starting job the following year and both be made better players for it, but Brewster gets the start.



Round 5 Pick 137: Jarius Wright, Wide Receiver ARKANSAS

Standing at 5'10 weighing 180 pounds, Wright clocked in a 40-time of 4.42 and has a 38 inch vertical. Do I need to say anything more? I am probably the MOST against drafting a wide receiver early in the draft than anyone on MHR and this is because Peyton Manning makes his receivers who they are! Wright's speed and vertical is all he needs because he is going to get double the workload and training that he would receive if he were to go to any other football team. Peyton Manning works with all of his receivers until PERFECTION and they are always on the same page. I mean, we just sunk $96 million dollars into one of the best quarterbacks of all-time... why would we not get every dollar that he is worth and take advantage of his unmatched intangibles? The unseen unnoticed benefit of having Peyton Manning as your quarterback is that YOU DON'T NEED TO BRING STAR RECEIVERS TO PEYTON MANNING, HE IS THE ONE WHO MAKES STAR RECEIVERS! Anyway, I'm glad I could get that off my chest... I mean we already have a receiving core with loads of potential in DT, Decker, Caldwell, Hill and Willis. The fact that Optimus Prime and Decker were productive last season with Tebow completing under 10 passes half of the time is pretty crazy to think about. Caldwell and Hill have not had their proper chances to flourish either. We are more than okay at the receiver position and Wright will replace what we lost in Eddie Royal as a small, quick wideout who could possibly become our punt/kick returner.



Round 6 Pick 188: Vontaze Burflict ARIZONA STATE

I usually am against any mock draft on here that has us selecting Burflict because of all of his negatives and where it is that some people have us picking him. I have seen mocks that have him being picked in the third and fourth rounds and I am very against it. I believe that he is worth a 5th round pick at the highest because of his unbelievably bad attitude along with a terrible combine. Getting past those two factors, his game tape is pretty damn good and it is the reason that he was so highly praised earlier this year. But again, those other two factors outweigh his game tape and is not worth using a pick inside of the fifth round.This being our last pick in the draft, I feel that the likelihood of whoever we draft turning out to be a key contributor is not very high (nobody make a Tom Brady comment). Burflict offers the highest possible reward at this point in the draft with all the potential he has. Burflict is a freak athlete who has great game tape and was regarded as a first round selection earlier this year. I'm not sure where Burflict will fall... a team could reach for him by the third or fourth round or he could go undrafted because of his extreme character concerns. I'm just saying if we do end up drafting Burflict here, we should also compliment him with the best therapist and anger management programs in Denver.



Let me know what you guys think by voting and commenting.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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