My only mock draft

#25 - Janoris Jenkins - I'm going with BPA here. I think the draft is deep enough at the DT position, and CB is still a need for this team. With Champ, Porter, Jenkins, Harris, we're set. Janoris slips because of character concerns, and if we didn't have so many quality leaders on defense (Von, Champ, Dumervil, Dawkins) I wouldn't even go there. But he fills a major need for us, and allows us to play Champ in the slot as needed. See what that did for Woodson in GB if you have doubts as to why we draft a CB in the 1st.

#57 - Kendall Reyes - Address our biggest need in round 2 - I think he'll still be here. Clearly our biggest need is DT, but I think if we were to resign Bannan this is easily the way to go.

#87 - Brock Osweiler - Our QB after PM. Has the arm strength to make any throw, and can sit and learn behind Peyton, who will only make him better. I think he fits the mold of a typical EFX qb and he's high on our list.

#108 - Derek Wolfe - Another high motor DT fills out the roster. Assume we resign Marcus Thomas and possibly Bannon. Not sure I'm sold on Unrein yet.

#120 - Robert Turbin - FINALLY some offense, right? I think we wait on RB until the later rounds - we still have McGahee, Moreno, Fannin, and Lance. Not excited by that group? Me neither. I could see Dan Herron here if Turbin is gone.

#137 - Vontaze Burfict - I'll admit to being an ASU homer. I think Burfict is a player. He needs to mature, but I think he could end up being a steal here, and we need someone to step up and replace Mays - if it's Irving, great but haven't seen enough from him. When Burfict has his head on straight, he'll win that job. Again, character concerns are trumped by talent given the veteran leadership we have.

#188 - Garth Gerhart - Bring us some depth at the center position, which we need badly. Gerhart is a mauler, and would challenge Walton within a year or so.

Addressing WR is not a major concern for me, and can be addressed after the draft. We have four capable starters (Thomas/Decker/Hill/Caldwell) and Peyton can make ANY receiver look good. Plus, we can pick up some depth after the draft if needed. I think there is a small chance Stokely comes back since PM is in Denver, and that would round out the group nicely.

I swore I'd never post here again, but the love of my Broncos outshines my anger towards certain (ahem) moderators here. I hope I made my title CLEAR enough for you so that I don't get my post removed this time.

Anyways, this draft seems very plausible to me, and I would be ecstatic if we picked these players up. Thoughts?

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