Grad's Mock v5 (The Final Mock)

Alrighty folks...I've done 4 mocks leading up to this point. I've analyzed a lot of tape...I've read a lot of message boards...I've listened to a lot of pundits...and I'm finally comfortable projecting where I would like my beloved Denver Broncos to go in the 2012 NFL Draft...

Round 1 - Pick #25


Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

The cold hard truth here folks is that he's the BPA. Running Back is an area of need in Denver. It was an area of need before we got Manning. Its an area of DESPERATE need now that we have him. We cannot allow the Defense to pin their ears back and try and break Peyton's neck. We HAVE to make them respect the run. We NEED a 226lb RB who can bench 225lbs 28 times. Unlike the Alex Gibbs days when we could plug in any undrafted free agent and get 1,000 yards, our new offense NEEDS a feature back. EFX knows that. Fox has shown he'll draft RBs early (DeShaun Foster#34 in 2002, Eric Shelton, #54 in 2005, Deangelo Williams, #27 in 2006, Jonathan Stewart, #13 in 2008) and he will again. I liked what Jeff Legwold wrote today in the Denver Post: "NFL teams like Boise State players. Year in and year out, they are considered by NFL personnel people to be among the most disciplined players on the draft board in terms of assignment football. They come to training camps knowing the importance of doing the little things right and doing exactly what they're coached to do." Sound like a good fit to me.

Round 2 - Pick #57


Mike Martin, DT, Michigan

I love Mike Martin. He's exactly the kind of DT I believe we need. He's relentless. He's strong. He's quick. He has the production and the measurables to be a solid Defensive Tackle in this league. In High School he was the State wrestling champ the first year he went out (his Junior year). He also broke T.J. Duckett's state shot put record in High School. The kid is an all around athlete who can fill the middle, chase down QBs and wreck havoc in the backfield. If there is a "can't miss" DT in this draft...its Mike Martin!

Round 3 - Pick #89


Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincinnati

Although we've now signed Justin Bannan, we need youth and we need talent on the Defensive Line. Wolfe brings both of those things to Denver. While I like Martin more, Wolfe is another DT ideal for our 4-3 defense. He can play both run and pass. His measureables are off the charts (like Martin). Getting both Martin and Wolfe in the 2nd and 3rd will insure a solid defensive line for years to come.

Round 4 - Pick #110 (via NYJets)


Tank Carder, ILB, TCU

Tank's my man! I love his story...I love his mean streak...I love how he tackles. He was the 2 time Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year...he's a leader...he's an animal! He's the kind of guy you want leading your defense. He's make a fantastic Denver Bronco.

Round 4 - Pick #122


Michael Brewster, C/OG, Ohio State

If Brewster is still here when we are able to look to the Offensive side of the ball, he'll be a must have.Unlike Molk, Brewster can legitimately play OG. He's 6'4" and 312lbs....benched 225lbs 29 times. He's smart, determined and can run the O-Line. He'll add depth we desperately need.

Round 5 - Pick #139 (via Rams)


Alex Hoffman-Ellis, OLB, Washington State

Hoffman-Ellis would be fighting for a spot at the Will LB. He's 6'1" and 232lbs. He ran the 40 in 4.54 and be benched 225 36 times. He had 88 tackles in 2011 and knows how to play hard nosed D.

Round 6 - Pick #190 (via NYJets)


Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota State

My last mock had us taking a USD Coyote with the last pick. This time its a SDSU Jackrabbit. Moss is 6'3" and 213lbs. He also ran a 4.38 40 at his pro day. He's a specimen...but from a small school. Certainly worth a 6th round flyer.


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