My final Mock

After reading H-Bizzle's draft analysis (,

I thought I'd go ahead and do my last mock now. I agree with most of his assesments, and think our draft should go like this.

The way I like to do this is tell you who I would like to get (usually a bit optimistic), who I think EFX will get, and an alternate pick.

Round 1 Pick 25

I think with the first pick we should take the best available DT, RB, or CB. I prefer DT, and think this is the biggest need, and actually hope the Broncos draft 2 DT in the first 4 rounds. I remember last year it was all about DT or CB, primarily between P. Peterson, and a couple DTs, and we draft a great OLB in Miller. Since then we only have gotten weaker at DT, and are slightly better at CB with the addition of Porter and finding out about Chris Harris. However it seems like this year the push is between DT and a RB primarily Doug Martin. I see plenty of members pushing for Martin that where all about DT last year, and I don't get it since we only got worse. I'm sticking with DT.

Who I want: M. Brockers, DT, LSU

My initial opinion was he has bust written all over him, however began watching more tape on him, and he reminds me of a Richard Seymor type player. I notice how he is constantly double team, so he may not have the flashy numbers but I think he can really help out Von and Doom. I'm not sure he falls to us, but hope he does..

Who I think we get: Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State

After last years draft when we failed to get a DT, I immediately start looking at next years class, Worthy is the first name that came to mind. I think the way the season, and combine worked out he is more likely to fall to us then Brockers but would like the pick. Not that EFX wouldn't want Brockers, they just pick the best DT available.

My Alternate: Doug Martin, RB, Boise State

Just because I prefer Brockers doesn't mean I don't want Martin, wouldn't be mad with him over Worthy. I think only one RB should be selected int the first round though and that's Richardson.

Round 2 Pick 57

After we address our primary need in the first we can get a RB in the second, where one should be drafted.

Who I Want: David Wilson

Unless somehow Doug Martin, falls here I want Miller. I think he is an all around back, with blazing speed. I also believe his blocking and receiving skills are under appreciated. He can hit the hole quick, and can out run defenders. I really would like if we focused on running a Zone Blocking Scheme and think Wilson fits it great. As a Nuggets fan I also really like Wilson, thinking he is the Kenneth Faried, of RBs, he brings that non-stop work, athleticism and excitment.

Who I think we get: Lamar Miller, RB, Miami (FL)

I think EFX would love to get Martin also, however they will try to get Miller who has great speed, and decent power.

My Alternate: Kendall Reyes, DT UConn

Round 3, Pick 89

After covering our primary needs other then CB, I think we should focus on a project QB. When I say project QB I mean a QB that can actually project to be a starter, not many starting QBs are from late rounds. So the mocks with us drafting a late QB for a project, are only preparing for a project career backup QB. Once in blue moon you get a Tom Brady, but its unlikely, after Round 3. I don't think there will be any viable QB to sit behind Manning to become an eventual starter.

Who I want: Kirk Cousins, QB Michigan State

Accurate on the move, poise in the pocket, play-making ability, who in almost any year would be a first rounder (IMO). I think hes not getting near the attention this year because of Andrew Luck and RG3. Hell, he may be gone in the second.

Who I think we get: Brock Osweiler, QB ASU

A big tall QB, who could project to be a starter. From what I read he would be a fit for EFX.

My Alternate: Alameda Ta'amu, DT Washington State

Round 4, Pick 110

Its the 4th round its time to get the second DT, and a CB, depending on whos available will determine who we pick first.

Who I Want: Marcus Forston, DT, Miami (FL)

I like Forston, who earlier in the year I had as an early 3 rounder, however with the raise of other DTs I think the board has him falling to us in the early 4th. I think he can add depth, with starter ability. As you can see in the video, he is not as dominate as Brockers (Obviously) , however is effective. I think Forston, and Brockers could team up nicely as eventual starters. Forston is use to playing the right DT spot, as Brockers is use to playing the left DT spot.

Who I think we get: Chase Minnifield, CB, Virginia

Minnifield is a solid CB, who would be a eventual starter. EFX would be lucky if he fell to them here.

My Alternate: Michael Brewster, C Ohio State

Round 4, Pick 122

Who I want: Omar Bolden, ASU

Most CB are in the 5'10-6'1 range, with the taller more athletic ones going early. However Bolden at 5-10 is very athletic an plays a lot taller and bigger then his measurements. After a decent junior season in 2010, he returned for his senior season only to help improve his decent draft stock. With the absence of Royal, and Decker being a legit starter now Bolden can also be an option as a returner.

Who I think we get: Ryan Broyles WR, OU

Broyles is a great WR who, could play the slot, and can also be a returner. I think EFX will like to have another young WR, bearing any injuries to either Deckers, or Thomas feet, Which seem to be recurring problems especially for Decker.

My Alternate: Josh Norman, CB Costal Carolina

Round 5, Pick 139

Who I Want: Tank Carder ILB TCU

I would like to get another LB, and if carder is here I think he should be the guy. I don't think EFX will go MLB this year cause they resigned Mays, and want to give Irvin a chance. I don't mind giving Nate Irvin some time but would like to add depth. Plus his name is Tank, so you know he was raised a football player.

Who I think we get: Ryan Miller OG, Colorado

I think the Bronocos need to add depth at O-line and need to have a plan if Kuper can't return to form. If EFXs plan is get Miller as their plan thats fine, if their plan is to move Franklin to Guard, and have Ryan Harris at OT, i'm fine with that. However this late in the draft I think Miller fits a need a depth with the ability to be an adequate starter.

My Alternate: Vontaze Burfict, MLB ASU

Round 6, Pick 190

Who I Want: Devier Posey, WR Ohio State

I think after a bad year for the bucs, Posey lost attention, however I think he could provide some depth, and can become a solid starter at 6'2 and 210 lbs. Hes rated at 194 on CBS big board, which I thought was low, but if hes available and we haven't drafted a WR then take him.

Who we get: David Molk, C Michigan

I wouldn't be surprised if EFX took a chance on Burfict in the 6th however I think he will be long gone before here, regardless what many say, I bet he goes in 4th. Another thing I think the Bronco community is off about is our C situation, many think is a big need. I think we need to add depth but not as much of a starter. From everything I read EFX is committed to Walton, which is another reason why they didn't pursue Jeff Saturday as hard as some would like. I do think they will be willing to add a late talent. Molk, is a late 5th round talent who may fall, if not here EFX may pick the only other C worth drafting late, Quentin Saulsberry out of Mississippi State.

My Alternate: Andrew Datko, OT FSU

I think I would be fine with any of these outcomes, I like bits and pieces of all of them. I see when selecting a RB in the first like Martin, the draft still falling favorable, however I still think I prefer a Dominate DT, if a Dominate DT falls to us pick him, if a early 2nd round grade is only left wait to the late 2nd to get a 2nd round grad and get Martin at 25. Thanks for reading. Thoughts?

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