This Is Really An Awesome Time To Be A Broncos Fan!

What an amazing year the upcoming season will be for all of us Bronco Maniacs. The draft is in a few days and I already see all of the draft loving MHR members in full force with great opinions and tremendous mocks. We will have a regular off season, Manning is the new Sheriff in town and because of him our Broncos will get a lot of good attention and prime time games. I cannot wait to see how a future Hall of famer and a QB I always admired and loved to hate, operates in a Broncos uniform. Unreal. To imagine that two of the best Quarterbacks of all time in Canton will be in a Bronco uniform is an unbelievable feeling.

I read that a lot of the members were surprised and critical about the Demaryius Thomas comments regarding the departure of Tim Tebow. A lot is made about nothing. I just think that it is honesty and has nothing to do with Tebow as a person. Football players put in an enormous amount of work and if me and you were wide receivers for our Broncos we will not look favorably towards another year of a run oriented hybrid spread offense sprinkled with a few deep passes here and there. And I cannot blame any single player feeling relieved that the humongous circus the headline starving media created around Tebow is gone from town.

I am here to predict that Demaryius Thomas barring injuries will establish himself as a monster threat with Payton's accuracy next year. Expect 90+ catches and 15+ TD's from him. He has the speed, he has the size, the jumping ability and he has the nastiest stiff arm for a WR in the NFL.

Let's face it: No matter how you look at it, last year our Broncos entered the season with no legitimate starting QB. Orton had no mobility, no fire, no leadership qualities, Tebow was a project at best and Quinn........ No comment. What a crazy mess that was! None of them belonged in the field as a starter for a championship quality team.

The truth is that our Broncos were not a very good team last year. Look, I am not a Tebow fanatic. I love Tim as a person and I wish him well wherever he goes. I framed his Bronco jersey and he will always have a great place in my Bronco room for the amazing exciting season he helped produce. Without a question though he is not a NFL starter for a team hoping to go to the Super bowl, not yet at least. Will he ever be? Only history will tell and I will never bet against him. Can he start for the Jaguars or the Cleveland Browns or even the Jets next year: Absolutely but he cannot start for a team hoping to win it all at this stage of his developmental career.

However no matter how anti Tebow anyone is, the facts from last season still remain: He lit the fire under a dead team that was 2-4 and was going nowhere. I know because I was there in the stands and I felt it. He brought an excitement to the players and made them believe and play better because they thought they had a chance. He made coaches coach better, and rallied the fans behind our team. Undeniably he had some luck, the defense played above expectations because they believed, he had some good games and some bad games and the playoff win against Pittsburgh was purely magical. All this from a QB that even if his career ended today, he has accomplished so much more than what all the "experts" and "prophets" of the NFL thought that he would before last season started. Without him nobody talks about the Broncos in 2011, they finish 5-11 at best, most players mail it in playing with no hope, McCoy does not have a job this year, Allen does not become a head coach, Fox adds just another losing mediocre year to his resume, Elway gets crucified by the media as an incompetent front office leader and Manning does not come to Denver. So lets all show class and thank him for his contributions and end it here.

Looking forward to the next season:

This is truly a great time to be a Broncos Fan.

Thank you Tim Tebow for an amazing Bronco year and good luck in whatever you do in the future!

Welcome Peyton Manning. Please bring us another Super Bowl or two and retire a hall of fame Bronco!

Demaryius Thomas, I can really feel it! This is your season. Go for it and make us proud!

All of you Bronco brothers, enjoy the draft, the preseason and hopefully a tremendous 2012 Season!


This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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