Demaryius Thomas Interview: UPDATE!

Let me first say, I was super impressed with Demaryius. Extremely humble, funny, very respectful, easily one of the most personable athletes I've ever met. Too often you meet ones that act like they have no time for you or your rabid fandom (to be expected, sometimes), so meeting someone like Demaryius was a breath of fresh air. I will never be a Denver Broncos fan on account of my allegiance to my beloved New England Patriots, but I can say I will always be rooting for a long, fruitful, and record-breaking career for Demaryius.

It should please some of you to know he gave me flak about my Patriots before, during, and after the interview once he discovered where my loyalty lay ;)

Here's a link to the finished article:

I fielded some excellent questions from you all a few weeks back, and I thank you very much for doing that. I incorporated some into the article and asked him the remainder during the interview. As a result of space constraints and the quality of the quotes, I couldn't get everything in there, so I share with MHR the leftovers and the outtakes!

Feedback is appreciated! I had a blast with Demaryius and you all should be very proud you have such an outstanding player and a good man in orange and blue. This interview took place on 4/3/12 at UNM's Student Union Building.

On Josh McDaniels: "Man, I haven't talked to McDaniels since he left the Denver Broncos."

On parts of his game he needs to improve on: "I'd have to say my route running ability. That helps out if I'm in better shape. The past two years I wasn't in great shape because I had injuries...once I get tired it's like, I'm just sloppy on my routes. If I go in in good shape, I think I'll be a better receiver all around."

On his Achilles: "It's great. It don't bother me no more."

What routes he feels he's best at: "I like to run a slant route. I like to run a stop route about 10 yards, and I like to run a bang 8 to the post so I can run, I can get my speed up and I can go."

Rod Smith/Ed McCaffrey blocking compared to Thomas/Decker: "I think I'm the better blocker. From college, I used to have like maybe two knockdowns every game, so I'm looking forward to getting back to that because that was one of the things that I loved about playing football because I get to knock people down and then go off and make big plays. I think I'll be the better blocker."

left handed vs right handed qbs: "I think so because when I first got to Denver, Kyle Orton's balls were coming out of opposite directions than Tim (Tebow). They came out spinning the opposite way of the right handed qb, and you know, more velocity was on Tim's balls. Just to get back used to just going with the right handed qb and coming out the opposite did take some time because I had a couple drops when I first started going with Tim."

informal workouts with Peyton: "I was just waiting to get my hand back well. I'm going to go back to Denver whenever I can start catching again. Just trying to get on the same page so we can all go into training camp or mini camp at least with some idea of how the timing is and what routes we're going to run and how he (Peyton) is going to throw the ball."

Denver's D: "Yeah. Everybody was talking about how our secondary wasn't up to par and nobody wasn't making tackles. I feel like with them guys coming in, they could help us out a lot. Nothing against Tim, but we've got a qb that's going to put more points up on the board than we did this past year. I feel like the guys are going to be off the field more and they're going to be rested more. They're going to have more energy to make more plays and be ready and willing to go all out."

Tebow's OT pass: "Tim's a good qb and I feel he's going to be a good player in the NFL. If somebody's playing quarterback, you gotta give him some respect that they can throw a wide open pass like that. That was crazy."

On his Future: I'm a big guy on kids. I love little kids. I do a lot of things with the Boys and Girls I'm actually about to start this boys home back in my hometown. It's basically going to take 12 kids in a year and get them free tutoring and try to make them stay on the right path because there's a lot of kids out there, they're talented and they're smart they just don't take advantage of it. They get around the wrong crowd in high school, middle school. And from there they start selling drugs, young kids in jail, young kids dying. I'm just trying to build our community"

Name of the OT-winning play: "2 Gun 2 On Ride 434 Thimble"

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