Defensive Tackles ... Who Needs Them Anyway?

OK, Yes the Broncos. I threw a trick title in to get some of you worked up.

We draft 25th, 57th, 87th, 104th and on. So which other teams need a Defensive tackle ... I mean need it enough to pick in the first 2 rounds? The broncos situation is that to get what they want, they ideally would have other teams addressing bigger needs and depending on this deep draft to get the DTs they want later.

Of course, any team can pick DT but the ones listed here are the ones with most chance to do so in the early rounds.

Carolina Panthers: Worst D in football. But they spent 2 third rounders last year on this position, there is maybe some hope they feel the young guys are gonna improve. They need CB help badly too so there is hope they go CB.

St. Louis: They lost Bannan and some guy named Fred Robbins. They will most likely go WR in the first round but may need to address DT in the high second round. They also badly need OLBs.

Kansas City: Powe from last years draft has not wowed anyone and Kelly Gregg is unsigned. They specifically need a nose tackle. They badly need a guard /center with Weigman possibly going to call it a career.

Indianapolis: Well they need just about everything and we know what they are getting with the first pick. They might go DT in early round 2.

Dallas: Word is they are high on Dontari Poe with the idea of moving Ratliff over to DE. It does not seem like a glaring need for them but DE is so maybe they go for a pure DE. They also need OLB and a center.

Philadelphia: Do they particularly need one, no but they are the Eagles and like the Giants, they almost always invest high picks in the D-Line. They also need help at Safety and OLB.

Tennessee: They drafted 2 DTs last year so lets hope they feel some confidence in them. They also need DE and help at center.

So these are the teams you hope pick up the linebackers, DE's, CBs and whatever else in rounds 1 or 2. There is a chance only 2 DTs are taken above us in the first leaving us with Brockers, Still and the rest as a choice with our first pick. If only 2 are gone by our pick there maybe some confidence to move down, pick something else and feel we will get good players in rounds 2 and 3. Worst case scenario is all these teams picking DT within the first 2 rounds leaving us with one or worse no DTs out of the 7 top rated DTs.

So on draft day(s), these are the teams you hold your breath on when they pick. Lets hope they plan on a deep DT draft and start picking later in the draft for this position.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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