It's been a while. A few thoughts

Fortunately for the MHR community, I have not posted in a very long time. Been a little busy with my wife and two new daughters. I try to check in when I can and read an article or two. I hope everyone is well. Enough of the pleasantries, here are my thoughts...

1) I'm happy Tim Tebow the quarterback (and the circus that follows) is gone. I'm upset Tim Tebow the football player is gone.

2) Mark Sanchez better play some outstanding football this year! I don't think he or the coaching staff realize the fanatics that follow Tim Tebow. I think the first interception that Sanchez throws or the first loss they take, the fans are going to be going nuts. Another thing, the coaches and front office can say he is a back-up all they want. They will never convince Tebow of that. Tebow wants to be the man. He wants to be the starter. And nobody is going to work harder than him to get that job.

3) I was not a fan at all of Tebow being our QB, but I still get chills seeing the replay of that TD run against the Jets. That play was so intense and awesome!!! One of my favorite plays in Broncos history!

4) Still giddy as a little child at Christmas to have Peyton Manning as our QB. I mean it's Peyton Freaking Manning. I say it out loud and I still can't believe it.

5) I have no concerns about Manning's health. None! All the Docs say he's good. He says he's good. Elway, Cutcliffe, Decker, Polian etc. say he's good. He's good.

6) I think in the draft, EFX will take the best player available at one of our positions of need. Nobody wants D-lineman as much as me but I think if they have a RB, or DB, or whatever, fall to them that they have rated a lot higher, they go with the higher rated player.

7) With John Fox as our coach, I'm not AS worried about D-linemen as I have been in the past. One of my friends is a Carolina fan and is familiar with Fox, of course. We were talking last year after the draft and I was expressing my anger about not addressing the D-line. He said don't worry about that. Fox always gets his D-line to play well. I have to say he was right. I think the D-line did a pretty darn good job last year with just ok players.

8) I keep thinking back to the Bowlen/Elway/Manning press conference to introduce Peyton as our QB. One thing that has stuck in my head that has me so excited for the upcoming year(s) to come with Manning as our QB. One of the reporters asked John Elway about plan B. I'm sure you all remember that. I thought Elway misunderstood the question. I thought the reporter was asking about plan B if they had not signed Peyton but he took it as what is plan B with Peyton here. Of course, he emphatically said "we're going with plan A". The thing that sticks in my mind was his expression on his face and his tone. It may be nothing but it has stuck with me. It tells me that EFX struck gold with Peyton Manning. We should have no concerns about the player. Mentally or physically (see #5).

9) Manning is a class act. Period! Class act!

10) My man crush on John Elway lives on. Now with reeling ol' number 18, it's stronger than ever.

That's all for now. Running out of time again. Please poke holes in my thoughts if you like I will try try to respond but it may take a while.

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