How I know you're not a Bronco fan...

I listened to DTs interview and read through the transcripts of what he said, and quite honestly so what? I'm about to rant right if you don't like rants this prolly isn't the fanshot for you.

I've read comments on MHR, bleacher report, broncos message board, etc. and folks are lambasting him. I don't get what the big deal is. Let me also say that I had a HUGE man-crush on Tebow, I love his attitude, I watched all his documentaries, I bought his book, I was glad we drafted him, glad he got to start, but now I am soooooooooooooo glad he's gone and I'll tell you why.

First of all there's Skip Bayless who won't shut up about "how poorly Tebow was treated" and how "no one is sad that he's gone" and stuff. Dude, let it go...he had Ryan Clady on his show and all he wanted to talk about was Tebow. How Tebow deserves more credit for the wins. I friggin' LOVED the ride last season of watching Tebow, but it was a team effort defense and all. Tebow is SOLEY responsible for the broncos playoffs run last year? really?....I'd like to personally thank Marion Barber actually.

Second of all, every time a bronco is interviewed they're asked about Tebow.....In fact that's all anyone wants to talk about even after the guy is no longer a bronco.

DT was asked questions about Tebow and he answered them. He DID also say "I don't wan to talk bad about Tebow" in his conversation and everyone just glosses right over that and wants to go on and on about how he's a hater. People are saying stuff like "DT needs to keep his mouth shut about Tebow".........please, it's not like DT went to the media and said "hey, I want to talk Tebow today". Plus, when does telling the truth turn you into a loser or a bust or mean you're a diva or have "character questions"? People seem to be so sensitive about what is said about Tebow. I hated when Meril Hodge was piling on Tebow, but this is completely different. DT seemed more like he was defending the team than putting down Tebow.

It's like if you have an older brother/sister..and every time you go to a family reunion or party all your aunts/uncles/cousins talk about is how successful your older brother/sister is....think of that but x100000000000 for any Bronco.

Peyton Manning's press conference was a great example of this. IT'S PEYTON MANNING as NOT a Colt, and as a Bronco. And what questions do the media ask him? Tebow questions. I don't remember exactly how many but I'm sure it was about half a dozen or more. I didn't understand why we were trading Tebow and was distraught at first....but much like when you break up w/ a high school girlfriend now I understand it was DEFINITELY for the better.

I do want to say that MHR has generally more intelligent readers/posters than any other site...but if you are siding with a Jet (Tebow) over a Bronco (Thomas) then you definitely not a bronco fan. The Taylor Swift and Tebow would be a good couple, Tebow being asked on dates by marines, Tebow singing at concerts, Tebow Circus is gone. Let's get back to cutting that meat and talking Broncos football. Thank you.

And of course a quick mock, just cause

1. Doug Martin - RB
2. Alameda Ta'amu - DT
3. Josh Norman - CB
4. Robert Turbin - RB
4. Michael Brewster - C
5. George Iloka - S
6. Ryan Miller - T

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