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Times, they are-a-changing. When I decided to do a mock draft, it made me think of the past. I've been around this site for years now, and changes.. they happen. Last year it seemed like we had about 200 mocks by now. Whether real or not, my perception and selective memory feels like a couple posters were in the double digits of mock drafts prior to the combine. I don't really have that same feeling this year. Good? Bad?

Some great posters have come and gone, and then there's been some horrible posters and commentators that have both come and gone, also - some for Tebow, some for nothing more than annoyance. Don't let the window hit ya!

I've seen the site change, some for the better, some for the worse. I don't like the censorship these days, I feel like I'm in China. Still, I think the site is probably one of the best fansites of any team in the country, and I think membership is likely growing like weeds. Again, I don't like the new censorship that I've been seeing these days. What do you do, though? It's not time to revolt yet.

It's a happy spot here at MHR. We've got guys like Topher to lay down the stats, Kirk lays down the roster stuff, and my personal favorite, Jeremy, likes to let us in on how the team is spending the muhlah. Sayre jumps in with his mocks, McGeorge gives us his disgruntled opinions (all in fun my dude) and our resident Brazilian, Fabio, makes it look easy to learn a new language.

Good stuff all around.

Guess I gotta say, though, because it wouldn't be very Rodney like to steer away, I hate the new censorship I've been seeing over the past half-year. This ain't North Korea my dudes.


Alright, so here's my thoughts on the mock draft...

For one, I feel like an old man. Now don't get it twisted, cuz I'll send you an inappropriate pic of my pecs just to show you how un-old I am lol... Just saying that I remember the last few years prior. My thoughts on a mock this year, after having such an easy go last year, is that it's incredibly tough to get it right. We're not picking at #2 this year. Picking at #2 you've pretty much got like three people to choose from. Throw a dart; It's pretty easy to get it right. Picking at #25, well, it's a little more tougher-est, et all etc..

Yeah, all of that.

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post on the strategies I tend to use when thinking about the draft and the offseason as a whole. Many of you were kind enough to rec it up, so I think most of you saw it. For those that didn't, I guess, well, tough. I'm not gonna post a link.

Point is, I don't actually have a rule book or guidelines that I go back and check before deciding whether a guy should go to our team. Moreso, I just steer away from getting attached to any particular player. Instead of trying to make a favorite prospect fit, I usually try to look at the draft as a big-picture. What positions do we need, place worth on the value of those positions (CB worth more than a RB, etc), how badly do we need a starter at the position, how ready is the guy to step in immediately, etc..

Impact. That's numero uno for my Spanish speaking readers. Injury history. That's next. And for those keeping count, my #3 major kickout-factor is how much do you love the game. I don't care if you're stupid, I don't care if you cagged it in the combine. Is your position one that can have immediate impact on this team? Are you a major risk to sit on the bench often? Are you a risk to get paid and then get fat on the couch getting lap dances while eatin cheetos?

OK, so if you've made it this far, it's probably time to get paid, right?

My dudes, I love Kendall Wright in the first round at #25. I think he brings to our team a skillset that we don't have and that no other offensive player brings to the table (in our range). Give dude two inches. TWO INCHES. Debate me in the comments if you don't believe me... give homie two inches and he'd be a top-five pick. Top ten, maybe? We don't need height, because our young guns are both big. Decker and DT are both big.

If the DTs I like are gone, and if Dre Kirkpatrick is gone, that's who I'm picking - Kendall Wright. Pay attention, though. Taking notes? I'm saying he's not just my favorite player, he's who I think the Broncos will take in that scenario. This isn't a wish list. It's who I think the Broncos would take. With Dre gone and with the DTs gone, though, I think I'd make Bfree happy by saying I'd take Nick Perry (DE). Get this drilled to the gut, my friends.... you'd have to shoot me before I take Doug Matin in the 1st. Funk a 1st round RB in a pass-first offense. I don't care if he's the next AP.

As it stands, I think this guy will be our pick...

Devon Still, Penn State - 6'5, 303lbs


Give me Brockers, give me Cox. I'd take both over Still. Give me Kirkpatrick and I'd take him instead. Those guys gone, this is a safe pick that gives us one of the safest picks in the draft. You kids need a DT and this is a DT. He can penetrate so don't believe the hype. The knock on Still is that he doesn't actually get to the QB. So what, I tell ya. His closing speed isn't great, but all we need is a guy to disrupt. VonDoom take care of the rest. Think about that.

Devon Still is pretty 'NFL ready'. He inserts himself immediately into the primary rotation. He's not the pass-rush specialist I'd like to get (that can also do it all - Brockers, Cox), but he plugs a hole. He's a three-down player and immediately improves our ability to molest the interior of the pocket. He's got somewhat limited upside, but he's got limited downside. I think he'll be a plug-and-play player on somebody's starting DL for the next 10 years. I think he might be ours. In a DT, I like to see arm length and I like to see their hand-fighting. Devon Still isn't elite in length, but he can fight in a box. I like him here.

2nd Round

Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech - 5-10, 178lbs


No backwards math here, boys. Like in real life, you can't target a favorite player in the 2nd round. We took a DT, and now we need to decide between a DT, a CB, a RB or a CB. I like Hosley at this spot best. Like you, I want a CB to be over 6'0. Whatevs. What I want more is a guy that's not limited to 'nickle' duties. Make sense? Think about it. I need a corner that can be a 'cover corner'. Not interested in a guy that's safe and "NFL ready". I want a guy that needs work on what's teachable but that has ball skills and elite potential, a guy that's already great, but just barely hitting his groove.

This is him. Jayron Hosley. He needs to refine his technique, and he's a bit raw, but hey, we don't need him to start. We just need him to contribute.

Don't let the size of him get you all worked up. It's normal. He'll need to bulk up, but this guy plays with little-man-syndrome. He's physical to its finest. Saying he's a willing run-blocker wouldn't do him justice. The kid craves contact. He's terrific in blocking and in 'press' coverage. In fact, I think he just hit me in the mouth while I was typing this. Bring it!

This kid is a stud. He's got about 12 picks over the last two years, and that's another key trait I was looking for (that Kirk doesn't have in the first). I want a ball-hawk. This is him. His biggest knocks are his size (rubbish) and that he's raw. Lucky us, we have a few weeks to groom him. What I like most about him is that he has what you can't teach (speed and fluid hips). His tech is raw, but that's teachable. He's also a return guy. So there's that.

3rd Round

Tyronne Crawford, Boise State - 6'4, 275lbs


First off, I like my DEs like I like my girlfriends in that if you're over height (I"m only 5'9) or over weight (under weight in this case), then I don't even wanna talk. No hello, just goodbye. Harsh? Maybe. But I'm honest :)

Our own Elvis Dumervil is the exception to the rule, but he has ape arms, which is why he's the exception. Crawford has arms of about 34 inches, which is important. It's good enough. Not great my whities, but good enough.

Crawford is a worker bee, though. He's raw. He's a JUCO transfer, which is good for us. Why? In case you haven't been taking notes, I like to take players with more upside at positions where we need depth. It's because we don't need this kid to start, we can grooom him. We have a need at DE, but it's not so bad where we need him to make waves from the gate. This guy reminds me a lot of Ryan Kerrigan of last year's draft. That's my own comparison, as I've not seen it elsewhere. They both just get it done. Their "get-off" isn't elite, but their hustle and work ethic is elite. They never stop. And they're hard to stop. I like his size and his jack-of-all-trades ability because it means he can sub for Doom on running downs (even the best of the best don't play all downs), while also playing strong side end in any number of packages.

4th round...

Robert Turbin, Utah State - 5'10, 222lbs


I almost didn't even make this pick just because I thought it would seem so 'flavor of the week'. Whatevs. You know how I roll by now. I'm not just making this pick because he was in for a visit. If anything, it made me almost not put his mug on the post. He's got the size/speed combo to be great. He's that jack-of-all-trades type guy that would suit a Fox-style back while also giving you more of the outside-ness-ish.

I want a linebacker and a WR in the next two picks. But hey, we need OL depth, too. Pick your own....

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