My First rd. Big Board (realistic to players available at #25)

With my obsession with the draft this year I have become so bored that I began making my own personal big board that holds realistic to who will be available by the time we are up to pick.

***Fletcher Cox is not on this list because he will be long gone by pick 25***


  1. Dre Kirkpatrick- If he is here, we have to grab him. BPA at position of need.
  2. Jerel Worthy- My second favorite DT (Cox #1). Much more proven than Brockers and has better tape. I think Worthy's style of play will fit in perfect with our defense. Dude is a monster.
  3. Luke Kuechly- Biggest longshot on this board, but I believe he could slip to us. I know that we just resigned Mays, but Kuechly has versatility to play OLB as well and is too good to pass up on.
  4. Stephon Gilmore- Another corner who could help our team and become elite in time. Not as high on my list as Kirk but still would be a great pick.
  5. Michael Brockers- Big, disruptive player who has loads of potential. But he does have a lot of bust potential as well and that scares me into dropping him to #5.
  6. Dont'a Hightower- On here for the same reasons as Kuechly and he also brings an attitude to the defense. Hightower is a physical specimen who can do it all.
  7. Peter Konz- I want to go defense in the first, but if none of these prospects above are available I would have to consider taking the best center available who could replace the questionable JD Walton and help me get some sleep at night knowing Peyton is safe.
  8. Doug Martin- Love him, favorite running back in the draft aside from TR3 obviously. He can do it all but I have him so far down due to the fact that I believe Mario Fannin will emerge this year and we can get Turbin late in the rounds.
  9. Janoris Jenkins- High risk, high talent. Falls this far because I am frankly sick of having players on the broncos with character concerns as it usually does not play out in our favor.
  10. Kendall Reyes- Big, strong, athletic DT with a lot of upside.
  11. Lavonte David- Very under the radar player in this year's draft. I like him and think he will be very productive at the next level. Who knows what we end up doing with DJ Williams.

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