It's Time To Roast Jeremy Bolander.

Many of us have wondered where certain great past contributors of material here at MHR have gone. People like hoosierteacher, for example, we found out were forced to retire from their relentless high quality posting due to new requirements on their time. (Work related promotion with more responsibilities requiring more time spent there.)

But where did styg50 go? Did he change his name to hide his guilt? If so, then what is he guilty of?

Jeremy Bolander, aka styg50, is guilty of creating 794 posts for MHR since he joined here March 28, 2008! High QualityPosts, I might add!

We are all familiar with his writing style, a style that forces you to continue reading to the very last word, and wish for more! Steve Nichols, aka hoosierteacher, said it best below.

I'll never be the writer that Styg50 is. Styg has a special gift for writing, in addition to his skills with computer software and his incredible mind. Styg is very rare, in that he has a mind for science and the arts at the same time. I'm dabbling with some novels, but Styg will get published before I do, and get rich at it.

Jeremy Bolander has taken his turn at the grueling 7 day a week job of producing Horse Tracks, (don't forget to thank KaptainKirk for his work each day) just like many other staff members here, but beyond that has produced series of posts that we all look forward to each year.

When you click here to go and read his bio, at the bottom of the bio you will see the two words "Activity and Blog". Clicking "Blog" will take you to all the posts that he has created for us, and give you easy access to his wealth of work.

We look forward to the different series that he produces each year, some of which are listed below.

  • Situation Football
  • Denver Broncos Fight For 53
  • Preseason Notebook
  • Game Day Notebook
  • Denver Broncos Preview:
  • MHR Galloping Polls
  • Denver Broncos Draft Cameos:
  • MHR Community Mock Draft
  • Shades of Orange and Blue:

I also think that these two pieces are particularly interesting.

Do the Denver Broncos Even Need a Draft? And What The Answer Could Say About the NFL Lockout

Brian Xanders Believes that Broncos' Scouting System Will Lead To Success in NFL Draft

There is to much to list, but I just felt like a special shout out was in order for Jeremy Bolander, a member here with outstanding contributions to the quality of my experience at MHR!

Thank YOU Jeremy, and watch out for moving snow drifts up there near your place! It just might be a Polar Bear!

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