Broncos Free agency, how do the fans think we graded out



There has been a lot of talk about the Broncos and the signing of the most coveted free agent of 2012 and possibly the most coveted of all time, Peyton Manning. This got me thinking, how do we, the fans feel about how free agency for the Broncos as a whole turned out?

I for one thing we are very close to where we need to be to win the AFC west and possibly play deep into the playoffs this coming season. Close you say? A lot has been said about the holes the Broncos have yet to address via free agency this year. I am with the thinking that we are a double team demanding, pocket crushing, force of a defensive tackle away from being an absolute powerhouse in the AFC and possibly the NFL.

The loss of Brodrick Bunkley was a big blow to the organization, but the $25 million dollar contract he signed with the New Orleans Saints may just have been to much for EFX to swallow. It seems the Broncos have never been to high on the defensive tackle position and that trend it appears will continue moving forward. I disagree with this approach, but I don't get paid millions to make personnel decisions for the Broncos or any other team for that matter. My thinking lies deeper, in my dreams perhaps, where I see Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil free to wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks because we have this beast of a defensive tackle demanding double teams every time they step back to pass.

Not many would argue that the addition of Tracey Porter to play opposite Champ Bailey is a huge upgrade over the aging Andre Goodman. The additions of Jacob Tamme and Joel Dreessen could pay huge dividends as far as Manning adjusting to the Broncos offense is concerned. I don't know much about Jason Hill or Andre Caldwell but many feel they could both flourish under a Manning led offense. Mike Adams seems to be a nice addition by most accounts but is by no means a young pup at 31, and playing a position that at times can take it's toll on the best of them.

Nate Bouda of Nfl Trade Rumors had this to say in regards to how the Broncos did in free agency.

Denver Broncos

Additions: QB Peyton Manning, CB Tracy Porter, TE Joel Dreessen, TE Jacob Tamme, LB Joe Mays (R), K Matt Prater (F), QB Caleb Hanie, WR Andre Caldwell, S Mike Adams

Subtractions: DT Brodrick Bunkley, QB Tim Tebow (T), WR Eddie Royal

Here we get to talk a little bit about Peyton Manning. It’s more than apparent that adding Manning would allow them to get out from under Tebowmania circus, but they also added a dynamic player that has the ability to make up for a number of the teams’ offensive deficiencies, which was evident by the Colts terrible 2011 season without him. Manning’s health will ultimately dictate the success of this move, but I can’t say that it really hurt the team. Signing

both Joel Dreessen and TE Jacob Tamme was a very savvy move on the part of the Broncos. Both of them are underrated talents that just happen to be good at receiving and blocking and they also bring some versatility to Denver’s offense. I really don’t like the additions of Tracy Porter, Andre Caldwell and Caleb Hanie though. Porter has bad cover skills, but hopefully that will be mitigated by the play of Champ Bailey. God forbid Hanie sees any action next season and Caldwell was rated #111 out #115 receivers last year by Pro Football Focus. S Mike Adams could end up being a good pickup for their secondary.

Getting a fourth-round draft pick in return for Tim Tebow is acceptable. Losing Brodrick Bunkley, despite the fact that DT was already a need with him, really hurts. Bunkley is solid player that should really help out the Saints. I can’t see how the Broncos will be able to pass on DT at #25, especially if Michael Brockers is available.


I tend to agree with him for the most part. What do you say?

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