The history of the Denver Broncos draft picks (Defensive Line)

1967 was the first year that AFL teams held exclusive rites to their draft picks .This starts there and brings us up to the upcoming 2012 draft . I thought this information would be interesting to see where the Broncos have filled their needs on the defensive line thru the draft .

1967 None

1968 Round 2 #31 DE. Curley Culp Arizona State - Round ( #222 DT. Paul Smith New Mexico - Round 10 #252 DT. Bob Langford Middle Tennessee State - Round 12 #304 DT Bobby Hendrix Mississippi

1969 None

1970 Round 2 # 37 DE. Alden Roche Southern University

1971 Round 4 #79 DE. Lyle Alzado Yangton

1972 None

1973 Round 2 #36 DE. Barney Chavous South Carolina State - Round3 #70 DT. John Wood LSU - Round 7 #166 John Grant USC

1974 Round 2 # 42 DE. Carl Wafer Tennessee State

1975 Round 5 # 121 NT. Rubin Carter Miami

1976 Round 12 # 27 334 DT. Randy Moore Arizona State

1977 None

1978 round 1 # 27 Don Latimer Miami - Round 2 # 55 Bill Gay USC

1979 Round 3 # 77 NT. Bruce Radford Grambling State

1980 Round 2 # 42 DE. Rulon Jones Utah State - Round 5 #136 NT.Laval Short Colorado

1981 None

1982 None

1983 Round 10 # 254 DE. Walt Bowyer Arizona State

1984 Round 2 # 46DE. Andre Townsend Mississippi - Round 8 #218 NT. Scott Garnett Washington - UFA Freddie Gilbert DE. Georgia

1985 None

1986 Round 5 #134 Tony Colorito USC

1987 None

1988 Round 1 #26 NT. Ted Gregory Syracuse

1989 Round 2 # 47 DE. Warren Powers Maryland - Round 4 #97 DE. jake McCullough Clemson

1990 Round 10 #259 DE. Jim Szymanski Michigan State

1991 Round 8 #200 DE. Kenny Walker Nebraska - Round 9 #227 DE. Don Gibson USC - Round 19 # 253 DE. Curtis Mayfield Oklahoma State

1992 Round 2 # 54 DE. Shane Dronett Texas - Round 7 #170 DE. Ron Geater Iowa - Round 7 #193 DE. Jon Bostick Nebraska - Round 8 #205 DE. Dietrich Lockridge Jackson State

1993 Round 1 #11 DE. Dan Williams Toledo -Round 4 # 98 DE. Jeff Robinson Idaho

1994 None


1996 Round3 # 78 DT. Mark Campbell Florida

1997Round 1#28 DT. Trevor Price Clemson

1998 None

1999 Round 2 #58 DE. Montae Reagor Texas Tech

2000 Round4 #101 DT. Jerry Johnson Florida State

2001 Round2 # 51 DE. Paul Toviessi Marshall - Round3 # 87 DE . Reggie Hayward Iowa State

2002 Round 3 #96 DT. Dorsett Davis Mississippi State - Round 7 # 231 DT. Monsanto Pope Virginia

2003 Round 4 #114 DT. Nick Eason Clemson - Round 4 # 128 DE. Bryant McNiel Clemson - Round7 # 227 DE. Clint Mitchell Florida

2004 None

2005 None

2006 Round 4 #126 DE. Elvis Dumervil Louisville

2007 Round 1 # 17 DE. Jarvis Moss Florida - Round 2 #56 DE. Tim Crowder Texas - Round 4 # 121 DT. Marcus Thomas Florida

2008 Round 5 #148 DT. Carlton Powell Virginia Tech

2009 None

2010 Round 7 #232 DE. Jammie Kirlew Indiana

2011 Round 7 # 247 DE. Jeremy Beal Oklahoma


The Broncos have drafted three D tackles and two D Ends in the first round .They have drafted one D Tackle and eleven D Ends in round two .They have drafted four D Tackles and one D End in the third round .They have drafted three D Tackles and five D Ends in the fourth round . They have drafted four D Tackles and zero D Ends in the fifth round . They have not drafted a defensive lineman in round six . They have drafted zero D Tackles and six D Ends in round seven . All rounds eight and below there were four D Tackles and seven D Ends taken all of these rounds would be modern day undrafted college free agents .

Denver 's draft history shows that they like to draft for the defensive ends preferably in rounds two thru four when they are selecting D Ends when looking for quality as only one has been drafted in the first . Denver's history shows they prefer to select their D Tackles in rounds three four and five . There have been three D Tackles selected in the first round .

Last year there were many that were on the Marcel Dareus bandwagon . Some were on Patrick Peterson there were even some for AJ Green .Then after the combine Von Miller came to the forefront and there were some very interesting discussions and mock drafts . Myself I was not only wanting Dareus but I wanted Marvin Austin or Stephen Paea in round two to go along with him . There were good reasons for a D tackle Last year as well as the people that made an argument for Peterson that Champ was getting older and Goodman had lost a step and needed replaced . All in all there was really not a bad way to go at the # 2 pick last year and I think that everyone of us is happy Von Miller was the pick

This year the need is still there in the middle of the defensive line but where will the Broncos get the talent to fix it ? There is almost nothing left in free agency so that leaves the draft .There have been many posters that like the thoughts of trading down to pick up some extra picks and then select a D Tackle in round two . Myself I think that it sounds great but the problem is there are six teams that will draft ahead of the broncos that just may draft a defensive tackle and then there is Green Bay and New England that draft after us that may go for a D tackle and then there may be a surprise team that decides the best player available is a D Tackle .

i think that Cox, Brockers and Poe will all be off the board when Denver goes on the clock . They will more than likely have a choice of Still,Worthy,Reyes or Thompson. If they pass on one of them at twenty five I don't think anyone of them will be there at fifty seven even Wolf may be gone with the way he is moving up the board .

Teams that are in the market for a D tackle in the first two rounds . Indianapolis , St. louis , Minnesota ,Carolina , Kansas City , Dallas ,Philadelphia ,Tennessee ,Pittsburg ,New England and Green Bay . Then there is Buffalo ,New York Jets ,San Diego and Chicago that would like to address the position in the first three rounds . I think moving down and drafting a running back,wide receiver or corner and then getting a D Tackle of Impact is extremely unlikely . To me moving down the board would only be advantageous if the need wasn't so great . Maybe you could sign big fat Albert Haynesworth to a one year prove it deal and make it thru the year like last year if they get lucky and he plays like he is able to when motivated but I would not hold my breath though .

Well I hope you enjoyed this look back in history as it brought forth some names I had not thought of in quite a long time . I look forward to your comments thanks for reading as I know my writing skills are not very good .

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