Greg Cosell from NFL Matchup/NFL Films on the Broncos, Defensive Linemen

I read Monday Morning Quarterback by SI's Peter King as I do every Monday morning. He had a tweet by Greg Cosell @gregcosell and a little blurb about him and how good he is. I looked him up and read what he has tweeted over the last couple months and I would have to agree. I have added him to my followings and suggest you may consider doing the same if you haven't done already. Fantastic insight by a master evaluator.

Here are some snippets that are either specifically about the Broncos or Peyton Manning or about DT/DE prospects upcoming in the draft, DT being our obvious need. Take a look!

March 14 - Interesting comparison betwn FA DL Jones + (Quinton) Coples. Both play DE + DT. Jones quicker laterally better pass rusher, Coples stronger at point. Coples will be 1st rd pick, Jones was not. There were times Jones looked outstanding as pass rusher. Never gained consistency. Why he's FA. At this point Coples inconsistent splash player. Power/leverage rusher more than speed/quickness rusher. Flexibility + closing speed issues. Coples height/weight combo similar to C. Dunlap. I think Dunlap is a better athlete. Better quickness, agility + flexibility as pass rusher. Coples not explosive athlete. Flexibiity, closing speed not what you look for but in tandem w/leverage/power can be effective pass rusher.

March 24 - 2 under radar signings that are big: TEs Tamme + Dreessen to Broncos with Manning. Dreessen a better player than people might think.

March 24 - Broncos still have V. (Virgil) Green. Maybe I was wrong, + I know nothing about the kid, but liked him out of Nevada last yr. Athletic receiving TE.

March 31 - (Quinton) Coples will be polaring in draft rooms. Power/leverage rusher more than speed/quickness rusher. Didn't have flexibility of edge rusher. Coples at times flashed strong hands + natural power. Much more of power/strength profile. Effective as inside pass rusher in sub-packages. Coples been compared to Mario Williams. Physical skill set similar coming out of college. Not as athletic as Peppers. Can he become pass rusher?

March 31 - Asked about DT. Really like (Fletcher) Cox. Natural athleticism + movement. Balance + flexibility to rush QB. Great scheme versatility. Played DT/DE.

March 31 - RE: DT (Dontari) Poe. Outstanding skill set: Size, athleticism, quickness, burst for a 350 lb man. Concern was lack of production. Won't impact draft. Always a debate among scouts/coaches re: physical/athletic skill set v. college production. No right answer. Cox far more versatile than Poe. Cox "3 tech", can rush QB from inside. Also aligned at DE at MSU + showed quicks + burst as edge rusher.

March 31 - (Andre) Branch does not have explosion + flexibility of pure edge rusher. More straight line with long arms + leverage. 4-3 rush DE or 3-4 OLB? Branch will be seen by many as 3-4 OLB. Not sure he has flexibility + movement skills unless primarily a pass rusher. Sub-package player?

March 31 - (Vinny) Curry interesting watch. Not a get low, bend the edge rusher. More of speed to power rusher. Strong + active hands, deceptive closing speed.

March 31 - WVU (DE Bruce) Irvin a quick accelerator. Exploded off edge. Excellent closing speed. Reminded me of Colts Mathis at times. Movement to play 3-4 OLB.

Mar. 31 - Kept watching LSU (Michael) Brockers. More + more games. A project. A player who will be drafted based on what he might become not what he is now.

April 1 - Often comes down to how best teams can camouflage, + compensate for weaknesses + limitations they have on each side of ball. Top QB always camouflage, + compensate for any OL weaknesses. Saw that w/Peyton Manning for yrs. He was reason for few sacks more than OL.

April 1 - Asked about PSU (Devon) Still. Plus athleticism, movement + flexibility. Should be better pass rusher given physical traits. Issues with stamina.

April 1 - Asked about (Whitney) Mercilus. Little straight line in movement. Not a natural pass rusher. Would like to see him lined up wide. Always tight at ILL (Illinois).

April 1 - Asked about Cox v. Poe. Cox a much better prospect than Poe. Can play inside + outside at times. Much more versatile. Could be gone by 12.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through his various thoughts. He often ends his tweets on a question, prompting the reader to think about the information and come up with his own conclusions.

There are tons of info on running backs, quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends and linebackers.

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