Denver Broncos Roster (My Thoughts)

Nothing special, just the Broncos Roster and my thoughts. Feel free to give me any update, so I can expanded my team knowledge and be a better fan. I did this to really past time and get a hold on who we have, as you can see by my thoughts, there are many players I like knowledge on feel free to update or chim in.


Adams, Mike

(A nice pick up for depth, however really up that some of these young safeties we drafted start to develop. I don't expect more than a year or so before we are looking for a replacement. )

S 5-11 200 31 8



Ayers, Robert

(Never like the draft picked however think he starting to develop to a quality starter as a run stopper. From what I read he sound like a extremely hard worker, and hes still young. Even though the spot could be upgraded, I wouldn't mind him as a starter for a few more years.

DE 6-3 274 26 3 Tennessee

Bailey, Champ

(I still think he is top 3 in the league, a few years ago he was looking injury plagued, and though his years where over. I really hope we draft a CB, in the 1st round next year. I only expect 3 more years or so before he retries or switches over to safety. )

CB 6-0 192 33 13 Georgia

Ball, Lance

(Looked solid at times, however don't think he should be anything more then 3rd on depth chart. Should be gone in a couple years)

RB 5-9 215 26 3 Maryland

Bannan, Justin

(Wasn't excited when we let him go the first time, and wasn't to excited when we brought him back. He should be replaced after this year. However since DT is our biggest hole . who knows?)

DT 6-3 312 33 10 Colorado

Beadles, Zane

(I think he is a quality starting guard, who has a good rapport with the line. Not looking for an upgrade right now)

G 6-4 305 25 2 Utah

Beal, Jeremy

(Being a Sooner fan, I love when they picked him, hopefully he makes the roster, and can develop in to rotation worth.)

DE 6-3 276 24 R Oklahoma

Bruton, David

(Great special team guy, shows great work ethic, hopefully he can continue to develop. I could see him being our eventual starter)

S 6-2 217 24 3 Notre Dame

Bush, Rafael

(never heard of this guy until late last year. had some decent plays, wouldn't mind keeping him around especially since he is still young.)

DB 5-11 200 24 1 South Carolina State

Caldwell, Andre

(Liked him at Florida, I don't think he ever had a chance to develop to a quality receiver biggest of QB play. I think with he manning he could be solid slot)

WR 6-0 190 27 4 Florida

Carter, Quinton

(Love this guy especially when he picked of big ben, and tom brady, I think he is a solid starter who is still developing. Also can hit with the best of them. )

S 6-1 200 23 R Oklahoma

Carter, Tony

(Don't know enough about him, so that's probably a bad thing. If we have to make DB cuts he should go)

CB 5-9 175 25 3 Florida State

Clady, Ryan

(All Pro LT, really needs to get his head out his ass, with the penalties, may be part of having a shifty run first QB, however has Manning know and for the sake of God and Manning he can continue to play at a high level. Plus we need to extend his contract ASAP)

T 6-6 315 25 4 Boise State

Clark, Chris

(Depth is solid, however need to focus on being consistent. I will have to look out for him Pre-Season. )

T 6-5 305 26 2 Southern Mississippi

Colquitt, Britton

(one of the best punters in the league, enough said.)

P 6-3 205 27 3 Tennessee

Davis, C.J.

(I have know idea about him, info anyone, or i could google, but nothing is better then a bronco fan insight.)

G 6-2 308 25 3 Pittsburgh

Decker, Eric

(I believe he is our best All around WR, I think he can go deep block, and run routes. He also known have great hands, however that was tarnished a little bit with ducks being thrown, or ground balls , that statistically show up as drops. Poised to have a huge season.

WR 6-3 218 25 2 Minnesota

Dell, Mark

(Seen a couple decent games at pre season)

WR 6-2 195 22 R Michigan State

Dreessen, Joel

(Decent showings in Houston, will give manning another TE target. Good signing)

TE 6-4 245 29 6 Colorado State

Dumervil, Elvis

(one of the best DEs in the league, especially coming back to full strength. Will finally have a chance to show of full potential with a lead in the game.

DE 5-11 260 28 6 Louisville

Fannin, Mario

(The hype on him is high, I watched him at Auburn and seemed like an all around back. Not the fastest but great vision. I could see him being our distant 3 back on the depths harts.)

RB 5-11 224 24 R Auburn

Franklin, Orlando

(I think he is a solid right tackle, blocking tebows blind side, he will now be in charge of strong side. So should have more time. Needs to continue to work on pass blocking.)

T 6-7 330 24 R Miami (Fla.)

Garland, Ben

(Been with the AirForce, hasn't done much of anything (playing) for the Broncos team, hopefully he decides what he wants to do soon.)

DT 6-5 275 24 R Air Force

Goodwin, D'Andre

(Another young WR, who is fighting for a roster spot, I don't expect much from him)

WR 5-11 188 24 R Washington

Grant, Adam

(No Idea, INFO?)

T 6-6 325 25 R Arizona

Green, Virgil

(Not that great of a blocker, put up good combine numbers, needs to develop more. I don't expect him to develop in to anything worth starting material.)

TE 6-5 252 23 R Nevada

Grisham, Tyler

(No Idea)

WR 5-11 180 24 1 Clemson

Hanie, Caleb

Decent backup, maybe with a better line he could show it. Im not excited about him as the future. Might only be here for 2 years.

QB 6-2 222 26 4 Colorado State

Harris, Chris

(one of my newest favorite Broncos, one of the better tackling CBs, and if he can continue to develop may be a solid number 2. I personally love him in the slot. Especially shutting down Welker.

CB 5-10 190 22 R Kansas

Harris, Ryan

(Was one of the better young RTs in the league went to Philly then came back. I think he is a better pass blocker then Franklin, possible becomes RT starter with a Franklin moving to guard.)

T 6-5 300 27 5 Notre Dame

Hill, Jason

(Not the biggest WR, however showed great route running ability unfortunately, all Gabbert could do was trow it to MJD, maybe Manning energizes his career.)

WR 6-0 202 27 5 Washington State

Hills, Tony

(Has the size and potential to be a solid backup, I wouldn't expect anything else. Could easily be upgraded)

OT 6-5 304 27 4 Texas

Hunter, Jason

(surprised the Broncos resigned him, he provided quality downs, as a rotation guy. However was hoping the Broncos would use another former LB turned DE in Beal)

DE 6-4 271 28 6 Appalachian State

Ingram, Cornelius

(A workout beast, this guy is a monster not sure of his potential however he went to Florida so must have something going on for him)

TE 6-4 250 26 2 Florida

Irving, Nate

(One of the better MLB in college football, his career was derailed by a car accident. I believe he can develop to be a solid starting MLB. The resigning of Mays didn't look good for him. Be patient Bronco Country.)

MLB 6-1 240 23 R North Carolina State

Jarmon, Jeremy

(Good potential, I believe he can add solid rotation minutes to our weak line. Can easily be upgraded however with what we have I would say cut the Fat elsewhere. )

DT 6-3 286 24 3 Kentucky

Johnson, Jeremiah

(Another RB with potential, a good receiver, wouldn't be surprised if our back field next year consisted of him, Fannin, and a drafted RB.

RB 5-9 200 25 2 Oregon

Kuper, Chris

(one of the most underrated Guards in the League, if he played for NOs he would have a few PB trips. Hopefully he can come back from injury)

G 6-4 303 29 6 North Dakota

Manning, Peyton

(Worried about his decline in play and his injury, however think Manning at 70% is an upgrade over Tebow without question.)

QB 6-5 230 36 14 Tennessee

Mays, Joe

(Hard hitter, jumps the gaps to early, most tackles are in the Backfield, that's because others are missed. Wasn't excited about the resigning. )

MLB 5-11 250 26 4 North Dakota State

McGahee, Willis

(Loved this guy at Miami, glad he got a chance to be feature back, however he may only have a year or two left. A better receiver then most think.)

RB 6-0 235 30 9 Miami (Fla.)

Miller, Von

(A great rusher, and as the year went on got better in coverage, one of the most exciting 1st round picks in recent memory. I think he out played his contract in his first year, give the man a 7 year extension.)

SLB 6-3 237 23 2 Texas A&M

Mohamed, Mike

(Versatile Smart LB, can play multiple positions, don't expect more then a special teamer, and depth)

MLB 6-3 245 24 R California

Moore, Joshua

(No impact , no Idea)

DB 5-11 183 23 2 Kansas State

Moore, Rahim

(Was excited about this draft, and more excited when he said he was going to be a Bronco for life. However hasn't should much yet. One or the slower positions to develop so I still like the pick)

S 6-1 196 22 R UCLA

Moreno, Knowshon

(Just stay healthy, Moreno needs to put on about 20 pounds of muscle, someone needs to show him the 1 cut and go, he tries to be to flashy and gets hurt. A good 3rd down back at most.)

RB 5-11 200 24 3 Georgia

Obiozor, Cyril


LB 6-4 249 25 3 Texas A&M

Omon, Xavier

(Unknown RB who is already 27, probably wont be around to long)

RB 5-11 227 27 3 Northwest Missouri State

Orton, Greg

(A decent Returner, that's when he catches the ball. I still like him as a returner though)

WR 6-3 199 25 R Purdue

Paxton, Lonie

(Brought over in the McD era, my be time to find another for that reason alone. He suitable thought.

LS 6-2 270 34 12 Sacramento State

Porter, Tracy

(If healthy can be a solid CB, hopefully he is and we sign him longer then a year. May develop to a solid number 1, but not an Pro Bowler at that spot. )

CB 5-11 186 25 4 Indiana

Prater, Matt

(Responsible for a couple wins last year, great kicker, and shown his ability to be clutch.)

K 5-10 195 27 5 Central Florida

Ramirez, Manny

(The baseball player? Good depth, but will not be anything other then a name on the Roster that's, if he even makes it. )

G 6-3 313 29 5 Texas Tech

Robinson, Ramzee


CB 5-10 190 28 4 Alabama

Siliga, Sealver

(I need to do some research on some of these young roster fillers I have no idea about) Practice Squad?

DT 6-2 307 22 R Utah

Stokley, Brandon

(If it makes Manning comfortable fine, other then that I want to develop our young guys)

WR 6-0 192 35 13 Southwestern Louisiana

Sylvester, Austin

(If we ever went to a pro style 2 back system, then he would be the man)

FB 6-1 248 24 R Washington

Tamme, Jacob

(Another guy manning is familiar with, personally glad we got him instead of the aging clark.)

TE 6-3 236 27 4 Kentucky

Thomas, Demaryius

(A beast, a deep threat, and fast even after achilles injury. At 6-3 him and Decker are the biggest WRs Manning ever had (Harrison, Wayne, Garcon, and Collie are all 6-0)

WR 6-3 229 24 2 Georgia Tech

Thomas, Julius

(Thomas has maybe the highest potential out of all our TEs, however i'm not one to jump in the boat and say "he was a basketball players , so hes gonna be a TE, he needs to show something first)

TE 6-5 255 23 R Portland State

Thompson, Syd'Quan

(I loved when this guy caught the ball on punt returns you can instantly fill the energy, he is a high energy player with potential, especially if he can overcome is injury)

CB 5-9 191 25 2 California

Toone, Tim

(I really don't know much about him, other then he is a white guy with dreads, and looks like a stoner.)

WR 5-10 185 27 1 Weber State

Unrein, Mitch

(Big Mitch from Eaton Colorado, seems to have slight potential, however he plays a position of need. )

DT 6-4 291 25 1 Wyoming

Vaughn, Cassius

(A versatile DB, who can play most spots of the field , i think he is best suited as the #2 CB backup role. I would have him 5th on the CB depth chart. )

CB 5-11 195 24 2 Mississippi

Vickerson, Kevin

(Vickerson was one of our better DTs a couple years ago, and looked like our best going into the year, he was overshadowed by Bunkley and his Injury, hopefully he can rebound, IMO he is the best DT on our roster.)

DT 6-5 290 29 6 Michigan State

Walton, J.D.

(Apparently he is one of the worst rated Centers in the league, however I think that EFX is higher on him then most Bronco Fans. Regardless what most think, I imagine him be the starting center for the remaining time Peyton is with us)

C 6-3 305 25 2 Baylor

Warren, Ty

(Warren was picked up last year, to cover the weakness when we failed to draft a DT, however was injured, I believe he can come in and be effective however should be replaced sooner then later.)

DT 6-5 300 31 9 Texas A&M

Weber, Adam

(Weber, is a young QB, who could surprise some people, looked years past his age in the preseason. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up being our #2, however I don't think he has potential to be anything more then a quality #2 Backup, with an occasional stint as a starter. )

QB 6-3 221 24 R Minnesota

Williams, D.J.

(Williams is one of the most underrated LBs in the league he can play any LB spot, and a veteran, however seems to fail at providing the leadership and voice on the field that's need from a veteran LB.)

WLB 6-1 242 29 8 Miami (Fla.)

Willis, Matthew

A speed threat who has crazy athleticism, should really be a returner, and play special teams. IMO will never be more then a #3 WR.

WR 6-0 190 28 4 UCLA

Woodyard, Wesley

One of my favorite players he seems to get better every year, I personally would like to see him start, he may get his chance with DJ Williams suspension. Last year filled in nicely during Williams injury, he was a tackling machine. A captain on the team, as a specialist.

WLB 6-0 229 25 4 Kentucky

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