My 2012 mock

This a mock I have submitted to the Walter Football mock competition. The picks have been made in relation to the rules of the competition which is to predict where a player will be picked in the draft not necessarily which team will pick them. I found it interesting to do it that way rather than always focus on the teams as it gives you an idea of where teams may trade up and trade down and where there might be a run on different positions. I have posted this on Mocking the Draft but was hoping this might generate a different kind of discussion over here as there are a number of players who have been discussed as potential Broncos picks off the board by the 25th pick and a number of those players discussed still on the board. As a Broncos GM if the draft played out like this what would you want to do?

1 -Colts - Andrew Luck - Done deal.

2 -Redskins - Robert Griffin III - Done deal.

3- Vikings - Matt Kalil - Are they? Arent they? They are stupid if they dont. Only LT in this draft who can start from day one.

4 - Browns - Trent Richardson - He is a genuine elite player in this draft and takes the workload to allow the Browns to develop another QB or give McCoy one more year.

5 - Buccaneers - Morris Claiborne - Best corner in the draft, best player on the board and at a position of need.

6 - Rams - Fletcher Cox - The WR class is deep so can add to that later. Cox can create pressure from the interior which will help out their edge rushers.

7 - Jaguars - Melvin Ingram - Who can predict what Gene Smith is going to do but Ingram has chance to be taken here by the Jags or around this spot by another team trading up.

8 - Dolphins - Ryan Tannehill - The Dolphins need a QB. Last year showed that teams are happy to reach for a QB. If they dont pick him here it is unlikely another team who likes him lets him drop any further before the Bills, Chiefs and Seahawks come into play.

9 - Panthers - Justin Blackmon - They could go a number of ways here but another weapon for Cam Newton would not go a miss and he is one of the best players on the board.

10 - Bills - Michael Floyd - They like playmakers early and he would give Fitzpatrick another weapon alongside Stevie Johnson to work with.

11 - Chiefs - David DeCastro - The best offensive lineman in the draft and a great run blocker for a very good stable of RBs. If the Chiefs do choose to go a different route he wont drop much further.

12 - Seahawks - Quinton Coples - Coples would allow the Seahawks to play a hybrid defensive front. Possible that he could fall well down the draft.

13 - Cardinals - Luke Kuechly - The best MLB in the draft, a position of need and the best player on the board. Like DeCastro if the Cardinals do choose another option this player is not going to fall much further.

14 - Cowboys - Mark Barron - Rumours are that the Cowboys really like Barron and this is an area where a number of teams are in need of a Safety.

15 - Eagles - Dre Kirkpatrick - Asante Samuel is on the trading block so it would not surprise me to see his replacement come with this pick. Even if he is not the Eagles pick there are a number of teams in this range who could make this pick.

16 - Jets - Courtney Upshaw - This is an area of the draft where there are teams who need pass rushers and players who fall into that range. This could be the area a team like the Jags or the Dolphins trading out of the top 10 pick but will unlikely make too much of a difference with the type of player picked.

17 - Bengals - Michael Brockers - Quite possible that this is not where Brockers ends up but this is the area I believe he will go as he can fit in multiple schemes and has huge upside.

18 - Chargers - Whitney Mercilus - Part of the run on pass rushers.

19 - Bears - Riley Reiff - The Bears need improvement on their O line. I see Reiff as a RT or possibly a guard early in his career and he could improve a lot of teams in this range.

20 - Titans - Nick Perry - Part of the run on pass rushers.

21 - Bengals - Stephon Gilmore - Gilmore is an interesting prospect and there is speculation that he could anywhere from top 10 to bottom of the first. There are a lot of CB needy teams and this seems about the right range for me for him to be picked.

22 - Browns - Jonathan Martin - One of the best players still on the board. The Browns could pick him as their RT if they dont there are a number of teams in this range who could.

23 - Lions - Peter Konz - The best player on the board. A potential fit for the Lions and a number of teams in this range as well.

24 - Steelers - Don'ta Hightower - A player who fits the Steelers mould and fits a need. Also getting fits into a 3-4 a lot better than a 4-3 and a lot of 3-4 landing spots for him in this area of the draft.

25 - Broncos - Dontari Poe - Poe is the most intriguing of all the picks. He could go to a team who use any base formation, so Denver is a possible landing spot and they need a DT, but his natural fit I think is the 3-4. This is area of the draft laden with 3-4 teams with the need for a NT or a DE both of which he can fit into. He could end up going in the 8-12 range but I think his tape makes this area the most likely.

26- Texans - Stephen Hill - Fits a Texans need and is a good blocker who can help in their run game.

27 - Patriots - Devon Still - Fits a need for the Pats as well as a number of teams in this part of the draft.

28 - Packers - Andre Branch - An area of the draft where there are a lot of pass rush needy teams. Including the Packers.

29 - Ravens - Kendall Wright - A dynamic playmaker who fits a need. Also a player who I can see dropping into this range and as a result a team could move up and take him in this range.

30 - 49ers - Cordy Glenn - The range in which a number of teams take best player available. He is a 1st round quality player who I dont think the 49ers or the Giants would pass on.

31 - Patriots - Vinny Curry - An area of the draft where there are a lot of pass rush needy teams. Including the Patriots.

32 - Giants - Alshon Jeffery - Some WR needy teams in this range of the draft and a player a team might come trading up for if he falls into this range.

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