What do Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Steve Smith and Kendall Wright have in common?

Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne were Peyton Manning's elite receivers throughout his career in Indianapolis. Steve Smith was Coach John Fox's elite receiver during his tenure in Carolina. They're all electrifying, explosive receivers that weigh in the 190's (or less) and stand six-foot-tall or under. They have 18 Pro-Bowls between them and have each been All-Pros.

Neither John Fox nor Peyton Manning have ever had an elite receiver over six-foot tall, nor one that has weighed 200 pounds.Kendall Wright is about to join that list of elite receivers that produce above their height, so don't let his size baffle you with BS. Get excited about it. His size is the only reason he's not going to be chosen in the first ten picks.

Coach Fox and Peyton The Manning are open to welcoming the most explosive player in the 2012 draft, says this guy. And I think you should be open to it, too.

At 5'10 196lbs, Kendall Wright is taller than Steve Smith and weighs more than both Steve Smith and Marvin Harrison - and weighs about the same as Reggie Wayne. So again, don't let their size fool you.

Explosive play-maker. Dynamic. Impact. Productive. You don't even need to know his number when you watch his games... he just jumps out at you. Team-first. "A fiery leader who plays with football intensity and determination -- type of player who will run through a wall for his team (CBS Draft Scout)". Sound familiar? Who am I talking about here, Von Miller or Kendall Wright?

Well, both.

Neither of these men had any red flags on tape or in their intangibles. They both just got it done. They both love the game and strive to be better for those teammates around them. It's what drives them to excellence - the men they stand next to, the men they go to battle with. Not letting their teammates down is what drives them. People like that don't fail when making the vertical leap to the NFL.

Consistent production, not production in bunches against inferior talent. Highly experienced. Durable. Show a willingness to play through pain and injury for their teammates. Winning is the mission, not stats.


Put Von MIller up at corner on the #2 receiver and he'll not look lost or stupid, put him at DE or at any linebacker position and he'll make the opposition look stupid. Put Kendall Wright in the slot or out wide as your #1 WR and he'll just flat out get it done. Put him in the backfield as a RB or out wide in a wheel route and he'll kill you in space. Versatility isn't a Josh McDaniels phrase to be used for guys that are mediocre-to-good at five things but not great at anything. Versatility for guys like Von Miller and Kendall Wright simply means that they're an elite athlete with off-the-charts athleticism. There's not really much of anything these guys can't do. They. Just. Produce.

Question. How do you add a power running back to back up Willis McGahee, add a speed-back to hit the outside and also add a deep threat at WR by only using two roster spots? Answer: Draft Kendall Wright and a power back. Kendall can, and has, played out of the backfield and he's a home-run threat every time he touches the ball. Draft him and now all you need is a backup bruiser in the 3rd-ish round. You've added the bruiser and the speedster to the run-game and the explosive inside play-maker to the passing game.

There's a recent report out there that's come to light where Kendall Wright is said to have high body fat. Late in last year's draft process Dave Razzano wrote a dissenting opinion on Von Miller (Dave Razzano, You Knuckle Head; We Remember What You Said). The similarity here? In both cases, it's the only negative report you will find. There's always one idiot out there that's got something to say and an article that needs hits this late in the draft cycle. Be different, I think that's their goal to get hits. Go ask Dave how that worked out last year. I think I'll trust my eyes and the eyes of pretty much every single scout in the country.

Roster Math.

Don't worry your orange and blue heads about how we fit another receiver on the roster. Even if we didn't have room, Kendall Wright is the kind of player where you just go get him and let God sort out the rest. But we do have room. Demaryius as our full-time wide receiver, Kendall Wright and Eric Decker trading between the slot and out wide at any given moment, creating horrifying mismatches for the opposition, Andre Caldwell and Brandon Stokely and Mathew Willis as the #4, 5 and 6 receivers. This is a Peyton Manning offense boys and girls. You need four studs and six total. Caldwell and Stokely and Willis are all cheap, and Stokely is a short timer anyway. We have room, and we have need.

If Kendall were two inches taller and 20 pounds heavier, he'd be a top-10 pick. As it stands, he's more likely than not to be available when we come up to bat at #25. After all, Reggie Wayne was taken 30th and Steve Smith was taken in the third-round. Even current all-star shorties Wes Welker and DeSean Jackson were left to be had for great value (undrafted and 2nd round, respectively).

Kendall Wright was a two sport athlete in college; his basketball experience has refined his quickness, his footwork and his concentration in traffic. Plus, he's fearless over the middle. Speed and quick are two different things is what I'm saying. He's quick for the inside and fast for the outside. He's both a blazer out wide and a guy that can create separation and make a catch in traffic over the middle. And, of course, he's an elluder in space. Is that even a word? Aw well, Honey Badger don't care. He's like a triple threat in that he can take a few snaps in the backfield each game for a Sproles-esque role and be a homerun threat every time he touches it. Then you can line him up out wide where he constantly outruns the secondary. And you can also play him over the middle in the slot where he's going to make the tough catch and immediately turn to create yards after the catch. He's a true mismatch and would be impossible to truly account for.

My friends, I think I've come to the conclusino that the Denver Broncos are trying to sort out a way to further shore up the position of cornerback so that they can more reasonably and responsibly take the most explosive player in the draft, even though it's not as high of a need. If they succeed in that effort of getting us stronger at corner, I think Kendall Wright will be Peyton's new bestie. I think he'll be our pick in the first-round of this draft. And I'm not counting out the possibility that our Front Office takes two picks in the first-round (or one of them early in the 2nd). I think we're fixin' to see some shock and awe in this draft.

Any team that goes out and signs Peyton F. Manning and then looks to add a top-10 corner for another 8-10M per year... that's a team that isn't afraid to make waves to get who they want. Shock-And-Awe is coming. And I think it's going to come in a small package...

5'10", 196lbs. So what?

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