Pressure Or Cover

I've been reading some very compelling arguements from those who think we need some Studs at DT/NT to pressure the QB, collapse the pocket, & stuff the run. I put myself mostly in this camp.

I say mostly, not because I'm fond of stradding fences, but those who think we should get a top CB also make good arguements. We know that we are in a pass happy League, and the notion that 'you can't have enough good Corners' has alot of merit.

I think what most teams strive for is adequate pressure up the middle, with some good outside Pass Rushers, and Corners who can cover for several seconds. Obviously, the best scenario is more than adequate pressure, some QB hits, holding penalties, sacks & picks.

I think the consensus here is that the Broncos had virtually no pass rush up the middle unless we blitzed DJ or another LB...Hence the need for a pass-rushing DT and a NT who demands a double team. We also saw what happened when we went to nickel-dime...The results were less than stellar. I think we got burned the most when we used a 3 man front and if I'm wrong, I don't mind if someone corrects me.

Another problem I saw was the inability of our LBs to provide consistent coverage and I think this will become more of a problem not just for the Broncos but all teams as they try to figure out how to cover 2 TEs and 3Wrs etc.

Keeping all this mind, we still need to win our division and if history is any guide, the Chiefs & Raiders will run the ball, so we need to be able to stop the run to some degree. The Steelers ran all over us in the Wildcard game and I think NE even put up over 100 yards in the Divisional game, albeit in a somewhat unorthodox way as they used Hernandez once in awhile.

It's been mentioned by me and others that we also were without the services of Warren for the season and Vickerson for a good portion of it. Warren can be a monster inside, if healthy. Bannan, while not an exceptional player is solid and gives you everything he has all the time. While this current group may be able to get it done, we also need to be thinking next year and so on. So, while the need may not be as pressing as we think, I think the need is still there and most every draftee needs developmental time.

As some have argued, the Giants have an agressive DL and adequate secondary...IOW, there is no Champ on the Giants' roster, so that makes for a rigorous arguement for a formidable DL. On the flip side, I've read some equally compelling arguements that claim since we now have Manning our ability to score increases dramatically from last year, and I agree. It follows then that we need a better secondary, or we should be looking at CBs as other teams will be forced to throw and hence abandon the running game. Points well taken, but at the same time, if other teams might be throwing more, that doesn't preclude a more than adequate pass rush, hence the need for pass rushing DTs & a NT for double teams to allow our edge rushers to get to the QB.

One of the best aspects about forums like this is that the issues are defined and the debates are sharpened. It allows us to put ourselves in the FO and also be Coaches. If we had 2 first rnd picks and took the best available CB and DT/NT, I don't think there would be much disappointment from either side. I know we don't have 2 picks in the 1st and the one we do have is towards the bottom end. Other teams may surprise us and leave us a top CB or DT...Some teams have a tendency to reach and I have no reason to believe that this draft will be any different.

In closing, I think we can all agree that the FO/Coaching Staff has one goal in mind and that is to make the Broncos a SB Team...Not just a better team. For the 1st time in a long time I have confidence going into this draft and this season that we now have the right people in the FO and on the Field. The moves they've made have been bold and brassy and I like what I see. Signing Manning was huge the fallout was just as big...We actually had players wanting to come to Denver for a chance to play with Manning and Elway & Co.

These debates that we have will not go away, nor should they. That is one of the best things about being a fan...We all share a passion for the Team, but have different ideas on how to get to be World Champions again.

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