Grad's New Mock -- Thanks to Minnesota

Yes sportsfans...I did promise that my last mock was my last...but we go again...

I've been hearing a lot about teams wanting out of the first round and trading down. The Vikings are desperate to accumulate picks...and so the blockbuster trade come Thursday ends up being between our beloved Denver Broncos and the hapless Minnesota Vikings...

TRADE: The Minnesota Vikings have traded their first round selection, 3rd overall, to the Denver Broncos for Denver's 2012 1st Round (#25), their 2012 4th Round (from the Jets) (#108) and their 2013 1st Round Selection.

Round 1 - Pick #3


Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama

I've been on record concerning Fox's tendency to draft RBs early (DeShaun Foster#34 in 2002, Eric Shelton, #54 in 2005, Deangelo Williams, #27 in 2006, Jonathan Stewart, #13 in 2008). Trent Richardson is the "cant miss" RB of 2012. Think about putting Marshall Faulk back with Peyton Manning for a moment. You want the Defense to respect the run? Fine...hand the ball to Richardson 20 times a game...they'll respect the run. Speed, strength, durability, blocking, catching...he's the workhorse Denver needs. Here's my other theory on RBs...unlike other positions, RBs are at their peak at or near the point that they come out of college. While this made drafting a RB a risky proposition before the rookie wage really isnt any more. RBs really only have a shelf life of 5 years...but unlike other positions...can be plugged into the startling lineup in year 1. This makes drafting a true quality RB early...all the more attractive IMHO.

TRADE: The Denver Broncos have traded their 2nd Round selection, #57 overall, to the Washington Redskins for their 3rd Round Selection (#69) and their 4th Round Selection from the Raiders (#109).

Round 3 - Pick #69 (via Redskins)


Mike Martin, DT, Michigan

I've long been singing the praises for Mike Martin. He simply won't be available to us #89 but taking him at #57 is a bit too early as well. We pull off a deal that gets us our extra 4th well as the DT we need. Martin isn't enormous (only 6'1") and has only 32" arms. Thats the knock on this guy...that he isn't 6'4", weights 340lbs or has 35" arms. I frankly don't care. I've seen this guy play...and he's a beast. As a true freshman in the Big 10, he had 20 tackles at nose, 4.5 TFL and 2 sacks. As a sophomore he had 51/8.5/2. As a Jr he had 37/6/2.5. As a Senior had 64/6/3.5. Again...I love former champion wrestlers on the O and D lines. They have better balance and body control and they are mean as hell. This guy can be the anchor we sorely need.

Round 3 - Pick #89


Jamell Fleming, CB, Oklahoma

I see EFX as being very concerned with our ability to cover the Patriots and the Chargers in spread formations. While is 40 time wasn't all that impressive (4.53) he had a great 20yrd shuttle (3.97). He also benched 225lbs 23 times...not bad at all for a guy who's 5'11" and 206lbs. The bottom line is that we need natural cover guys...Fleming is a natural cover guy who will upgrade our secondary.

Round 4 - Pick #109 (via Redskins via Raiders)


Demario Davis, OLB, Arkansas State

Davis is a 3rd round type of talent, but is raw...coming from small school Arkansas State. Nevertheless, there is no denying Davis's potential. An amazing 32 reps of 225lbs, a 10'4" broad jump, a 4.28 20yrd shuttle...a 40yrd dash in 4.52...all on a 6'2" 235 Linebacker....thats pretty damn impressive. In 2011 he had 69 total tackles (31 solo), 10 TFL and 3 sacks. Yeah...I think we can work with that.

Round 4 - Pick #122


Jaye Howard, DT, Florida

Jaye Howard can play football. In 2011 he had 65 total tackles, 37 solo, 10 TFL, 5.5 sacks. A 4.82 40 isnt too shabby for a guy who's 6'3" and 301lbs. The knock on him is that he takes plays off. Not a lot of 300lb guys don't. He'll be a rotational player in Denver...but will be in that rotation starting day one.

Round 5 - Pick #139 (via Rams)


Tom Compton, OT, South Dakota

Compton is for depth on the O-Line. He's 6'5" and 314lbs. He ran the 40 in a very respectable 5.11 and had a great 20 yrd shuttle time of 4.6.

Round 6 - Pick #190 (via NYJets)


Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota State read that right...I'm getting both a South Dakota Coyote and a South Dakota State JackRabbit. Go Go Mount Rushmore State Football!!! Moss is 6'3" and 213lbs....he ran a 4.38 40 at his pro day. His uncle is Heisman Husker Johnny Rogers. Certainly worth a 6th round flyer...and could end up being the steal of this draft.


So...have we addressed all our needs? RB for the next 5 years...check. DTs? Check. CB? Check. LB? Check. WR? Check. O-Line depth? Check. Don't know about you...but I'd be pretty damn pleased with this...

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