One Thousand, One Hundred Thirty One Train Wrecks!

That's right! That's exactly how so many players felt after a Brian Dawkins tackle. Hit by a train! Lights out! 1,131 of them in 16 years is a good way to get yourself hurt, but Brian Dawkins was surprisingly durable through it all. "He brought it" on every play, an intensity that forced his opponents to always check where he was on every down. Those who ignored him paid the price.

During his last two years with the Broncos we saw him in an unfamiliar role. His injuries caused him to miss 5 games in 2010, and 3 more (including the play offs) last year.

What surprised me the most is the fact that after 13 years with the Eagles, he came to Denver and had the best year of his career with 116 tackles, (95 solo) 1 forced fumble, 3 fumble recoveries, 3 interceptions and 7 tackles for a loss of 19 yards. He definitely made a statement to Philadelphia that he wasn't washed up, and made another statement to their fans when he gave his two game day tickets (for the Broncos/Eagles game) to Dan Leone.

Dan Leone, the game day west gate chief at Lincoln Financial Field, was fired after he tweeted his disgust with the Eagles for letting Dawkins go. Dawkins showed what a great MAN he is by recognizing that, indirectly, he was the reason the man lost his job, and Brian wanted to reward that loyalty.

Loyalty is a big deal to Brian Dawkins, and he has always shown his appreciation for the loyal fans in Denver and Philadelphia, as well as the players, coaches, organizations and staffs that he has been a part of. He has a strong spiritual faith, and the life he lives is proof of that.

His loyalty for his college colors ran deep as well. One of his teammates on the Eagles is former South Carolina star Duce Staley. "We mess with each other a little," Dawkins said. "Especially when we were both 3-0 earlier this season. My teammates always kid me about wearing my Clemson work-out shorts and hats. I love the color orange!" I think that it was a natural thing for him to ware the Bronco Orange!

Now, his loyalty for the Bronco organization, and his love for the State of Colorado, may very well be what brings him back to our team, in the years to come, as a coach. The fact that he wants to get involved with his sons high School team shows me that he intends to pursue coaching, at least I hope so. His degree in industrial education shouldn't hurt his chances any.

Brian Dawkins cares for more than just the game he loves.

Dawkins, the Eagles' six-time Pro Bowl safety, was selected 2008 Father of the Year by the American Diabetes Association. He contributed $10,000 to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in the names of his twin daughters, who faced complications from a premature birth. He also provides a local high school football player for game tickets each week.

Brian Dawkins is known for his bone-crunching hits as a safety, but football and golf fans, get to see the other side of "B-Dawk" during his annual charity golf tournaments that are held at Saucon Valley Country Club. Dawkins' annual event raises money and awareness for the Burn Prevention Foundation.

After Brian and his wife Connie eloped in 1994, (did you know that?) they ended up with a family of four, the last two girls are twins, and we all are so pleased that they have chosen Colorado as the place they want to be!

We wish you the best of everything Brian, Connie and family! It will be our pleasure to see you back on the Broncos side lines coaching the secondary one of these days! I know that you can make it happen. You can do whatever you set your mind to, and do it with a lot of class and style!

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