Ultimate BOOM or BUST Mock!

I must start by saying this is not what I want the Broncos to do. I wouldn't mind getting a couple of these guys but I don't think I want a whole draft of question marks. This is more just a fun way to throw out som boom or bust prospects to keep an eye on. Most of these players had a first round grade at some point in time whether that was derailed by injuries or off the field issues and in some cases both. However I know with this strategy going in that I might need a few more picks than what we have, it's gonna be a crapshoot. My first trad is with Buffalo who wants back into the first round and are giving us 2-9, 4-29,5-9 and a 2013 2nd rounder. Not bad but good for both teams. Second is with our second rounder we move back with Indy for 3-1, 7-1, 7-7, they may not be the highest picks but I'm glad we could squeeze 3 picks for 1. So now our draft order is as follows.












So we have 11 picks to start with. Most teams don't bat above .500 but the difference is if I do I have 4 or 5 guys with first round talent.

2-9- Janoris Jenkins CB N. Alabama- Has an elite skill set. If you disregard the off the field issues he would be the best cover corner to come out in years. Could give us a value of a top 5 pick if he gets his head on straight.

3-1- Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska- Many said last year that he was better than Prince but after a tough bowlgame, senior bowl, and run in with the police his stock is way down now but he could be a solid starting #2 or move to FS.

3-25- Bernard Pierce RB Temple- Looked amazing as a Freshman then had an off year as a sophomore then last year as a junior he started of amazing then got bit by the injury bug again and that was that. Sharing carries with Mcgahee and Moreno for a year might be just what his body needs.

4-13- Andrew Datko OT Florida St. Looks the part of a NFL tackle after bulking up throughout his entire career. Another player who suffered an injury at an inopportune time. He is a question due to injury but the upside is there compete at RT.

4-25- Marcus Forston DT Miami- Very stout run defender with natural strength and has a solid base. He has the whole package of injuries, minor off the field(suspended 1 game by NCAA for improper benefits), and some question his work ethic. If he decides to truly apply himself he might become a steal.

4-29- Jeff Fuller WR Texas A&M- Coming in to the season Fuller showed great potential and was considered a top 40 pick if he would have come out last year but he ended up having a down year and now he is rated anywhere from the 4th to 6th round. Has good size, solid speed when not injured, and good balance to go up and get the ball.

5-2- Cliff Harris CB Oregon- Another CB with a first round grade going into the season but he then ended up having a few driving issues($5000 in traffic tickets) and eventually a possession of marijuana ticket and got kicked off the team. The worst things I saw on his scouting report was he carries the ball loosely(punt/interception return) and isn't the first in run support although he does it well when he tries.

5-9- Akiem hicks DT Regina- This guy is a beast who has moved around and hasn't played much against good competition. LSU did accept him out of JUCO but then there was a recruiting violation and instead of sitting out a year he headed north and continued to dominate lesser competition. He has the upside of any of the first round picks, including great strength, arm length, and big hands, you know what they say about big hands right? He can fight off blocks well.

6-18- Devier Posey WR Ohio ST - Should have come out last year, he probably would have been drafted on the second day but he went back to school got suspended and missed 10 games on the season which has resulted in a draft flop. He also has good size with good speed.

7-1- Donta Paige-Moss DE UNC- Had a few minor maturity issues when he was young but coming into 2011 he was a first round prospect. He had a solid year that didn't hurt his stock, what dropped him was a torn ACL in UNC's bowl game which will probably make him miss this whole season. Could be a great value down the road for a low price right now.

7-7- Vontaze Burfict MLB Arizona St.- Now what boom or bust draft would be complete without him? He is the ultimate, he flew around the ball last year killing guys and then this year he got scared. Then he proceeded to mess up the combine and his pro day, but if he can get his head on straight he could be a great middle linebacker in the future just in case Irving doesn't pan out.

Well that's the end of the draft, and I didn't plan on doing UDFA's but we can't go this year without getting a project QB so how about....

Stephen Garcia QB S. Carolina- He looks like a NFL QB, he throws like a NFL QB, but he has had countless issues off the field but why not especially with the rosters at 90 he might come out and surprise and maybe earn a practice squad spot.

Now that's all again I don't suggest the front office use this strategy but it could pay hug e dividends if the percentages hold up.We ended up with two big receivers, three DB's one of which could become a FS, two stout bodies in the middle of our D Line, A tackle who might be able to kick Franklin inside, a RB to replace Mcgahee long term and spell him now, a middle linebacker to push Irving and Mays with potential to beat both of them out and a DE for 2013 and beyond to rotate with and compete with Dumervile and Ayers. What else could we ask for? I guess we could hope they all reach max potential then we are surely in the superbowl if not this year then next.

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