OPTIONS for the draft. (not a mock)

This post is a combination of what I want the Broncos to do in the draft and what I THINK they will do.

I don't think the Broncos will trade up, and I HOPE they don't. I have never been a fan of trading up. It means you give up more(picks or players) to get a guy you THINK will be good. It's fine if your right and he works out, but if it DOESN' put extra pressure on the "kid" and you also looked like you got fleeced by the other team. If the broncos trade up, I think they will do it for a CB. Rumors say S. Gilmore(please NO) or maybe D.Kirkpatrick.

I like trading down, only if you think you still can get the guys you want later. We can give up the 25th pick and get a 1st rd. pick next year(best case scenario.) We need 2 1st's next year to get a QB in 2013 or 2014.

I am only including CB's and DT's because that is what we need most, and what Denver seems to be looking at. The top DT's are....

F. Cox DT/DE, M.Brockers DT, D.Poe DT, J. Worthy DT. D Stills DT, B. Thompson DT.

The top Cb's are...

M. Claiborne CB, D. Kirkpatrick CB, S. Gilmore CB, J. Jenkins CB, B. Boykin CB.

My thinking is this, IF by the time the 25th pick comes around, we have an option to take 3 of these DT's and 3 of these CB's, then we should trade back to the early 2nd. Getting at least a 2013 2nd or 2013 1st.

We wont get F. Cox, M. Brockers, D. Poe, M. Claiborne, and probably S. Gilmore if we dont trade up. IF, by some miracle ANY of these guys are available at 25, we will probably take them. Which would be a good pick IMO.

I am highest on D. Stills and B. Thompson for DT's, and D. Kirkpatrick for CB, after those first 5 guys(I like D. Kirkpatrick better than S. Gilmore actually.)

Best case IMO...we get D.Kirkpatrick in the first, and we trade up in the second for D.Stills. Another good possibility is to trade back into the early 2nd and get D. stills AND B.Thompson in the second.

I think we can use the early picks on DT and CB, after that I believe we can get a RB and a WR in the later rounds. As for those positions, I like...Stephen Hill WR. He is ranked high on some boards, and he might not be available late, so we might need to trade up to get him(I know breaking my own rules here.) I am a big believer in "the perfect size." Stephen hill is over 200lbs. and 6'5" as well as having 4.4speed. He can be a GREAT deep threat. He can outrun the defense as well as out jump them. As far as Rb's go, we pick up ANYONE that is 210 and runs a 4.4 40....I will be happy.

My question to MHR is...if we go DT and Cb in the first 3 rounds, Who would you be happy with? And who else would you like drafted in the first 3 rounds?

My picks would be D. Kirkpatrick at 25. Stills or Thompson in the 2nd(will probably have to trade up.) And Stephen Hill in the 3rd.

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