The Duke has become the King

For those of you worried that we traded out of the 1st, take a chill pill, Elway is showing he has gained a great deal of knowledge this past year. Every scout has said the value in this draft lies in the 2nd and 3rd round as there are no great seperation between the picks from say 15 to 40 and from 40 to 100. The Broncos have psoitioned themselves very well to get great value and players that should have immediate impact. Lets look at some of the guys that should be available in the 2nd.

CB - Janoris Jenkins, N. Alabama - While his off the field troubles may have him off the draft board of some teams, he is arguably the 2nd best cover corner in the draft, he also is an excellent returnn man, he should be available late 2nd or 3rd. Don't be surprised if we make a play.

WR - Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech - This kid is the next DT, except I would say faster. Don't be shocked if Elway gets Manning this burner.

DE - Jared Crick, Nebraska - Underrated due to injury, this kid is a solid DE who can swing inside to DT on passing downs. Again, I would love to see him in the 2nd.

LB/DE - Courtney Upshaw, Alabama - He's a guy who may be seen as someone who doesn't have a roll on a defense, too slow for a LB, too small for a DE, but I know a short DE/LB named Dummervil that has done OK. All I know is he can play. Put him and Doom on the field, with Von and have a pass rushing NASCAR package similar to the Giants.

OT - Jonathan Martin, Stanford - This kid would be a huge upgrade at RT and allow Franklin to kick inside. With Manning, Elway knows it starts with the O-line. Martin makes huge amount of sense at 36.

C - Peter Konz, Wisc - The best Center prospect in the draft, he will be available at 36. While I would love this pick, mainly because I think JD Walton stinks, Konz would be a huge upgrade at pivot and provide the leader we need at center.

DT - Still Worthy, Thompson, Ta'amu - All these guys are still on the board, Poe was a huge reach by the Chiefs and will likely cost Pioli his job. Brockers is very developmental, and we weren't going to get Cox. These guys all have great value at this point, and one of these guys will be available late in the 2nd.

RB - Lamar Miller, Chris Polk, Robert Turbin - There is not that much seperation between theses guys and Martin, there will be a good RB available in the 3rd.

OG/T - Cordy Glenn - I projected that the Broncos would pick Glenn in the 1st, how he slid out of the 1st is beyond me. This guy is a dominate RT/OG that would be a huge steal if the Broncos select him in the 2nd. Kuper returning is still an unknown, Glenn at RT and Franklin at RG or LG makes this a dominate O-line with a nasty attitude.

Don't be shocked when the Broncos trade up into the 2nd or 3rd, I trust that EFX understand the value of these players and I love they are looking at best value and not falling in love with players. While I like Hightower and I would of been happy with us picking him, there is a method to the madness.

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