What I think could happen.

Im not going to lie it was 3 am when the draft was going on (go to university in england) and so I accidentally fell asleep before our pick and When I woke up i was expecting you know a Hightower or Decastro to be the pick that didn't happen I saw that we traded back I was okay not bad but then I looked closer I was confused at the compensation ( didn't realize we traded back twice) so a bit irked we didn't get a bit more but it is what it is I do see a lot of flexibility to move around and I still see players we could use and I didn't make a mock draft this year but for the 2nd round and the way the picks are getting sold like they are at a flea market I wouldn't be shocked at all to see 4, 2nd round picks here are my thoughts

We have currently have

Two 36 4 Bucs
Two 57 25 Own pick
Three 87 25 Own pick
Four 101 6 Bucs
Four 108 13 Jets
Four 120 25 Own pick
Five 137 2 Rams
Six 188 18 Jets

(took chart from

Well round 2 players are expected to fill in as starters and still be some what of impact players I think we keep our 2 2s and then package 101,188 and a 3 next year. send that to Philly they have shown a willingness to trade and could use the picks for depth which i feel they have quality starters and then after that they disappear. so we get there pick 51 yes its for 3 picks but there not that high and the way things are getting sold we may be able to get it for just 2 picks. I think we would also trade our 108 and 120 and 137 to the rams from the cowboys after players fall they may as well continue trading back so in the end we have left is 36, 45 51 57, 87, and 188 so six picks this draft and if a team picks only 7 players per draft one in each round and best case realistic case they hit on 1-2 of them and 2-3 become eventual starters/depth and a couple fall out of the league I think we could maximize our chances to hit more with higher picks and less gamble with later picks. Now on to my picks

36. Peter Konz - he is not going to last that much longer and would be a good upgrade over Walton and an anchor on our line for years (hopefully)

45. Devon still - I like that he’s taller than worthy and to be honest I have seen a lot more on still so I feel comfortable with still or you can swap still for worthy either picks I'm okay with.

51. Janoris Jenkins I know some of you have major issues with him and yea he smoked a little weed and we all know his story but this guy is a football player we have a lot of high character guys in this locker room and he has a bit of motivation to make money to make sure he feeds his pack of kids ( no offense to people that have children I was just referring to the amount of kids he has) but he is a huge boom/bust pick but why not we have defensive coaches that will look after him Peyton manning champ von mill dumerville we should be okay about him acting up. (just saying if weed wasn't illegal he would be a surefire top 15 pick imo)

57. Lamar miller - I really like this running back and am stoked he's fallen but he has good potential and outside of trent R. he is my personal favorite back he's got speed and power and comes from the U which we know has had some really good backs come out over the years.

87 Brock Oswieler - one I really like tall qbs I played in high school with a 6 4 qb when he was a sophomore so he most assuredly grown and they have better field vision and Brock used to play basketball so he's nimble on his feet he gets to sit behind PFM for a few years and not feel the sense of urgency of a high round pick to get out and preform early.

188. Vontaze Burfict. I know i know I'm going to get burned by you lot for selecting 2 ASU players its just a travesty but in all seriousness how many late 6th round picks become studs? Now how many have his type of talent? And how many have i personally met and practiced with? Well the last question just shows I'm an ASU homer and the answer for the first two are not a lot. I have met Vontaze when I tried out for ASU which was before his Sophomore season when he just decided to go beast mode in the country and He is actually well i wouldn't say humble but if any of you have ever played or been around college players on a field when your on there its all about mentality and you often times have two personalities one a confident you feel like your the best in the world player and its needed to be able to play even in high school that mentality helps you. And off the field you are well you and Vontaze is a really nice individual that has a bad rap because of the field and the personally fouls but honest to truth he is a quite person he was even kind enough to go grab lunch with me after i got cut and we just talked about football and what not and he's a freaking NCAA athlete he knows how to play and learn play books ( for the people who think he's dumb) He is a hard worker the people that say he isn't are just mental and yea he's an a-hole on the field and that doesn't make him the best of leaders but the thing is we have champ Elvis and miller to lead this defense If you want a backer that can wreck havoc and just flat out ball then you want Vontaze don't ask him to be a leader but don't think he's some type of thug its an act of the field it pumps you up and makes you feel better any player knows that.

Well, I know i didn't get a Wr but I'm happy with Bubba, DT, and Decker we are okay there this year and potentially we have a good shot at i legitimately getting 5 to all 6 players starting on this team will they all be studs no but they all have the talent to be solid NFL players it fills needs we have with impact players and is that not what Elway wants? But please let me know what you think I know we wont agree that much with the two controversial picks but let me know how y'all like it or hate it.

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