This is my "easing the tension-baby" Mock

All season long we saw knee jerk reactions from our loyal fan base so why would the draft be anything different? Denver trades out of the 25th pick and gains a 4th-Was everyone ok with that? Then Denver trades again from the 31st to the 36 and moves that 4th up 25 spots. The knee jerking begins!

Of the people “most” upset about the trade had Denver taking Still or Worthy at 25 or a player picked before the 25th selection so I really don’t get the uproar. Did I miss something? Isn’t both Still and Worthy still there? Why reach for them at 25 when they still sit at 33? Wouldn’t that be the “reach” we all hate to see?

Ok enough of the preaching so let’s get this thing started.

Easing the Tension Mock

Denver at 36 selects:

Jenoris Jenkins- The 2nd most talented CB in the Draft with some character issues and 4 different baby mamas. So the kid likes sex-who doesn’t? He can play CB with the best of them and having Porter, Champ, Jenkins, and Harris is a deadly secondary.

Denver then trades its 3rd and 4th (108) to Seattle for the 43rd pick

Denver at 43 selects:

Jerel Worthy-Worthy has been the name connected to the Broncos all along.

Denver at 57 selects:

Lamar Miller-He’s too good of a value here to pass up and will take some pressure of f Willis, Moreno in the run game.

Denver at 101 selects:

Kirk Cousins, QB

Denver at 125 selects:

Jaye Howard, DT

Denver at 188 selects:

Jarius Wright, WR

Ok are we calm now? This is how I would like it to go but you can put your own pick/s in here too. A lot of quality players are still there. Champions aren’t won in the first round they are won in every round. Worthy is a first round talent taken in 2, Jenkins is a top 10 pick without the issues, and Miller some had us taking him at 25. I’d say we got GREAT VALUE in our trades….SO CALM DOWN-Don’t be so disappointed not to get a pick in round 1. It’s not about the “chart” it’s about the picks and if the draft falls like this to Denver-We made out like bandits. Nuff Said



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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