On Opinons

Wow, a lot of back and forth on the boards these last few days. A lot of "Calm down", "How could you know more than Elway", and "What were they thinking" comments and posts.

Personally, I like the players we picked, I just we could have got a little more… evidenced by watching Baltimore trade from a worse position than ours and end up in a better one - I thought we could have ended up with an additional pick alongside these ones, and I'm also a bit confused with the timing of these picks. I thought that we were in dire need of defensive help, but ended up with 2 offensive players in our first three picks. And a QB? Most confusing of all - if not totally unexpected - but I'm sure that situation will be debated in many other threads.

But while I'm disappointed, I'll give those folk who are trying to put a positive spin on it a break, because now I understand what it must have been like for those folk when I and others were very excited over Tebow. I couldn't have convinced you he was a good thing, and you couldn't have convinced me he wasn't, and here we are again, roles reversed. As long as we are all heading in the same (general) direction, it's just opinions…. (even if Tebow was actually a god, and Elway is dumb for trading him)

Speaking of opinions, I thought I might put out a list of observations about opinions, given things are getting a little.. 'testy'…

  1. Just because someone feels differently about any particular Bronco related issue than you, does not make their opinion any less important than yours. It's just their opinion.
  2. Just because someone voices a dissenting view with that of the Front Office, a Post, another fan, or a media personality, does not mean they need a 'chill pill', an anti-depressant, a pep talk, a separation from sharp objects or lobotomy. It's just their opinion. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that their panties are not in a bunch, either (if they are so disposed to be wearing anything that could be described as 'panties'.)
  3. Just because you are young and have access to more statistical analytical technology does not make your opinion more important on this site (I hope). More informed perhaps, but not more important, and by no means more correct.
  4. Just because you are old and saw the Broncos play in '70 and have seen every game they've ever played, ever, does not make your opinion any more important either.
  5. Just because someone doesn't have E, F or X's job doesn't mean someone can't critique it. They get paid very very (very) well to make decisions that most of us would love to be in a position to make for free, unlike those that Special Forces operatives, Brain Surgeons, or a Test Pilots make, for even less money. They chose this position, and if they may mistakes, those of us who pay to go and watch games will (quite literally) pay for it. And so we deserve to voice our opinions.
  6. Just because someone is very supportive of the Front Office decisions and think it's important to get behind them, doesn’t mean they are just "Drinking the Kool-Aide" and have an unhealthy man-crush on Elway. It's just their opinion. ( Man, I had to grit my teeth to write that one though :-)

This is a website based around opinions. Without different opinions it'd be boring. Different opinions, while at first glance (and without proper delivery) can seem obnoxious, stupid, repetitive, can also be educational. Without any opinions the site would cease to exist, so please respect other peoples. (I often need to remind myself of this also).

So, please those of you who like the draft allow dissenting opinions without treating the those who don't of us like Raider fans, and those of you who are unhappy with the draft allow those others to get excited. This site is an important place for many people and doesn't need to degrade itself into some political style all-caps shouting match website.

I'm still a little disappointed with the draft, a little disappointed we traded Tebow, but I guess I'll just have to settle with us kicking a** all the way to the Superbowl and then taking that sucker too.


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