The Dynamics of the Draft

The Dynamics of the Draft

Well just finished the draft and the Broncos fans do not know if they laugh or cry. Some feel that the draft was not good while others liked it. I propose to put the draft in another perspective.

When it comes to draft, we talk about the greatest moment in the NFL (after the super bowl), the largest league in the world. This is extremely important to all broadcasters because it brings a good audience, but more than that brings a great movement in their sites. For this movement experts are hired to evaluate the players and assemble lists and mocks for information for fans to spend time on site of the stations and the alikes. Note that the evaluators of the stations have a very easy job because only analyzing hypotetic and that information are not the basis for any of the teams. Is also important to know that that analysts only use the information from games and combines, and no tests are made with the player.

On the side of the team this is the time to build the team. The team study the players for several months, bringing them to tests and interviews. Moreover, teams have numerous analysts who spend several years studying to subsidize some players choose. So each team has its own list and own mock.

And finally comes the fans, fanatics that go after informations wherever they can find. The problem is that no team will open its lists and mocks and the fans end up using the information of analysts issuing as if they were 100% correct. It's good to remember that analysts broadcasters are not in a great team for a reason, or because they are not an analyst but ex-players and commentators, or because they do not have the quality to be with any of the teams.

So before considering the choices of the Broncos, remember that beyond the lists of experts from stations and the internet there are 32 lists each of the teams in the NFL without a doubt that contradict the supposed knowledge of those. And on top of them there is the list that the Broncos produced, after carefully studying each of the players, call them for visits and tests and after a team of analysts have given their opinion. Getting nervous because the list of X said that this player is better than the other without actually having studied them have no sense . Take the case of Lamar Miller, several here said it was a choice for the end of the first round, at most a choice of second round and at the end lists of the 32 NFL teams told that he only worth a pick in the fourth round. Think about it.

Finally, forget the story that a player would be available further ahead , say it would be possible only if you know the lists of other teams in the NFL, but is is impossible to know if someone considers the man as valuable as the Broncos.

Now what I think the Broncos Draft:

Wolfe, Derek DT - Best pass rushing DT in the Draft.

Osweiler, QB Brock Rd 3, Elway Clearly he knows better than all of us because this guy took his son out of the way the NFL. An awesome talent with plenty of space to grow.

Hillman, RB Ronnie, A productive RB with the ability to run home.

Bolden, CB Omar A second round Talent with physical problems. If maintaining health will be a great theft.

Blake, Philip C Walton beware.

Jackson, Malik DT More a DE, but can be useful in rotation in pass downs

Trevathan, OLB Danny - Our DC have a nice talent to mold.

Please dont mind my english and this is my first post. So be nice.

Go Broncos.

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