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While I am sure most fans will be critical because their players weren't taken, the fact is no one knows if this will be looked back as a great, good, average, fair or poor draft until at least a couple of years. While I was very high on last year's draft, I will say I am more cautiously optimistic on this years draft. So with that here are what I liked or didn't like about the draft:

Like: Trading Back - I thought this was a great move, the players between say pick 25 to 45 were essentially the same as far as potential impact, and the ones from 45 to 120 were only a step below, this is where the value to the draft was.

Unlike: Compenstation - I thought we probably were too eager to move back and we could of gotten maybe an additional pick out of New England if we played our cards better. I felt like EFX were too eager to jump back and I think took the deal too soon.

Like: D-Line Upgrade: While I know many will be critical of Wolfe and Jackson, but both have the ability to play DT and DE and can play both the run and pass. They aren't as stout run defenders as say Worthy or Still, but I think Vickerson, Warren and Bannon are fine against the run.

Unlike: Brock Osweiler: He may end up being a great QB in three years, but this is supposed to be about winning now, no plan B. This pick could of went for a player who could help and contribute now.

Like: Hillman: This guy looks like a potential Darren Sproles type player. He had outstanding production at SDSU, but I understand the concern.

Unlike: Trading up for Hillman, I think he would of been there later in R3, seems like EFX got scared and jumped the gun.

Like: Omar Bolden: I had mocked him going to Denver and I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised by how good he will be, he has talent to be a very good No. 2 CB, I think this improves the secondary greatly. Easily my favorite pick of the draft.

Unlike: Phillip Blake: Sorry I am not a fan of JD Walton, but there were better C prospects available IMO at that point. Blake is 26 and has limited upside, he may push Walton, but I don't see him as an upgrade.

Like: Trevathan: Guy was second team SEC, he played against very good competition and excelled and should add good depth to the LB corps and looks like a very solid prospect. Thought this was a solid pick. I look forward to who we sign as UFA, there should be some quality guys available, hopefully we can find another Harris type player. Grades at this point are meaningless, I would say probably a B-/C+.

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